ICMART General Activities


In its nearly 30 years of existence, ICMART has created a world-wide presence with many interesting, informative and exciting events, programs and activities of international relevance.

Statutory ICMART World Congresses
take place every two years in different countries. In these World Congresses a General Assembly for all members is included.

ICMART Symposium
sometimes called World Congress or World Symposium, are organized in the years between the Statutory Congresses.  It was determined that  two years between each congress was too long a time, so this increased frequency was established. These ICMART Symposia offer the possibility for Extraordinary General Assemblies.

The ICMART congress programs have evolved over the years and now function in accordance with the general standards of conventional medicine’s international congresses.  Lectures, which are presented in scientific as well as traditional approaches, have facilitated the expansion of the scope of each congress and significant presentations by internationally recognized lecturers are offered.  In addition, prizes and awards are given and exhibitions are included.
A nucleus of faithful and regular participants has created increased professional and personal bonds as well as a friendly and collegial atmosphere. This nucleus has been the starting point for the establishment of a network, which has developed into the ‘web inside the web’.

ICMART network
ICMART has created an enormous international network of contacts, which is regularly maintained and available when necessary. The network has been extended gradually through interactions at the regular congresses as well as by meetings at other conferences and situations, round tables, etc.
National Congresses with International Participation
organized by ICMART member associations in cooperation (co-badging) with ICMART or under the patronage of ICMART.  These gatherings include invited representatives of ICMART   to take part in the official ceremonies, speeches and discussions.  Through these National Congresses, ICMART is able to play a significant role in national activities, thus solidifying the network.

The critical work of ICMART to promulgate common ideas and aims generated at congresses and meetings has strengthened ICMART and has been a stimulus for book writers and for the publishing of articles in magazines and journals. It was also the stimulus for launching this new website in 2012.

ICMART Chapters
Following the necessities of the times, ICMART has created several Chapters concerned with different specific topics. The most important of these is the European Chapter.   

There are two reasons for this:

  • Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) organizations in Europe have joined forces to manifest their presence in the European Commission and Parliament, gaining more and more attention and interest from the members of these two institutions.
  • These actions will have, or already have had, repercussions in countries outside of Europe, and will continue to resound in the near future for ICMART members in countries where they encounter difficulties of e.g., recognition, political, professional, etc..

In addition, there are other Chapters, like the Education Chapter, which is setting up a Lexicon as an international educational and training reference for Medical Acupuncture and a Scientific Chapter. It isquite sure that new Chapters will be established in the near future.

The ICMART Chapters are closely linked to partners, which are involved in the same matter, e.g. the European and the Scientific Chapter to the international CAM and acupuncture research network of the Cambrella EU research program and the International Society for Complementary Medicine Research / ISCMR.

This network of contacts has been essential for the expansion of ICMART both in presence and importance, because of both the human and professional aspects of these contacts. It has become, and will continue to be, one of the strengths of ICMART, helping it to be the most important, if not the only, representative reference and contact for Medical Acupuncture worldwide.  This well-established base will allow ICMART to extend its networking as well as its activities, power and importance in the future.

ICMART Diploma

To acknowledge a high level of education, training, practice and status in the field of national/international Medical Acupuncture / related techniques.

1. Must be a full member of an ICMART member association.

2. The applicant should write a formal letter asking for the diploma, with a Curriculum Vitae, including activities concerning acupuncture and/or related techniques:

  • Relevant medical and acupuncture qualifications
  • Active and/or passive participation in national/international meetings
  • Organisation or participation in the organisation of such meetings
  • Publications, research, teaching, lectures, promotion or representation


3. The diploma should be awarded, when possible, during a World Congress or International Symposium of ICMART.

4. Pay, when accepted, the sum of US$ 200 to ICMART for administrative purposes.

A reduced concessionary fee may be approved in some circumstances.

ICMART Awards and Prices

Seirin, and then later 3B Scientific, have been for many years offering awards for the best communications and posters of each ICMART congress. They were presented at the closing ceremony and are part of the highlights of the event.

They are not given at random. Together with the company donating the prizes, three doctors well versed in acupuncture, in scientific research, and who have experience in appraising the quality of a communication, are present at all the sessions, including the poster session. Then they get together just before the end of the congress, discuss and decide to whom the prizes should be granted.

This is one of the many happenings of ICMART congresses. It incites and stimulates the efforts of those who want to present a paper of quality, and creates an undercurrent of willingness to produce the best of what they can do, in meaning, results and value. And the participants like the idea, as you can see from the list of awards listed below!


ICMART Awards 2017

Icmart Awards 2017.pdf


ICMART 3bScientific Awards

ICMART Congress 2010, Riga, Latvia

Oral Presentation
1 Bryan Frank (USA): 
2. Jean Pierre Fossion (Belgium):
3. Cui Shuli (Singapor):


ICMART Congress 2009, Tessaloniki, Greece

Oral Presentation
1. Einar Borud (Norwegia): The acupuncture treatment for postmenopausal hot flushes (Acuflash) study: traditional Chinese medicine diagnosis and acupuncture points used, and their relation to the treatment response.
2. Taras Usichenko (Germany): Auricular Acupuncture reduces fentanyl requirement during hip arthroplasty - a randomized controlled trial
3. Konstantina Theodoratou (Greece): Placebo and acupuncture an unusual approach

Poster Presentation
1. S. Kamberis (Greece): The use and efficiancy of the acupuncture method in the treatment of trigeminal neuralgia, due to Multiple Sclerosis.
2. Obduliua Parra (Spain): Acupuncture as treatment of vascular ulcers in lower extremeties.
3. Christiane Demmrich-Wander (Germany): The gold acupuncture with dogs


ICMART Congress 2008, Budapest, Hungary

Oral Presentation
1. Irmgard Simma-Kietschka (Austria): The effectiveness of Acupuncture in chewing muscle tension, CMD, TMJ and cervical spine disorders - a randomized controlled trial.
2. Anna Loskotova (Czech Republic): New methods in traumatology and their application in complex therapy of burn trauma - method 'Loskot'.
3. Stefano Meloncelli (Italy): Acupunctural treatmenr of FBSS: review of literature and personal experience.

Poster Presentation
1. Reginaldo Silva Filho (Brasil): Acupuncture treatment effect on the oxidative stress.
2. Shoko Masuyama (Japan): Preliminary and exploratory study on specfific adverse reactions to Acupuncture - a randomized controlled trial on tiredness, drowsiness and driving ability after treatment.
3. Henrik Ewert (Germany): Influence of a acupuncture therapy on intraocular pressure and the compliance of patients with ocular hypertension and primary open angle glaucoma.


ICMART Congress 2007, Barcelona, Spain

Oral Presentation
1. Joao Bosco G. da Silva (Brasil): Acupuncture for mild and moderate emotional complaints in pregnancy. Outcomes from an adhoc self-report measure in a prospective, quasi-randomised, controlled study. 
2. Max Sanchez-Araujo (Venezuela): Acupuncture prevents relapses of dog's recurrent otitis. Results of one year follow-up.
3. Dominik Irnich (Germany): Changes in electric skin resistance at acupuncture points.

Poster Presentation
1. S. Kamberis (Greece)
2. Obduliua Parra (Spain)
3. Christiane Demmrich-Wander (Germany)


ICMART Congress 2006, Washington, USA

Oral Presentation
1. Florian Pfab (Germany): Preventive Effect of Acupuncture on Skin Reaction and Emotional Perception of Histamine-Induced Itch.
2. Evemarie Wolkenstein (Austria)
2. Katharina Rubi-Klein (Austria)
3. Patrick Sautreuil (France): Amputation, Pain Caused by Neuromas and Acupuncture.

Poster Presentation
1. Maria F. G. Martins (Brasil) 
2. Yuan-Chi Lin (USA)
3. Younbyoung Chae (South Korea)



list in progress

ICMART Congress 2002, Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Session 1
1st Prize: Dr. Panos Barlas (UK): Effects of intensity of elecroacupuncture stimulation upon mechanical pain thresholds in healthy human volunteers.
2nd Prize: Dr. Im Quah Smith (Australia): Laser acupuncture in the management of depression.

Session 2
1st Prize: Dr. Johannes Nepp (Austria): ocular surface temperature change by acupuncture.
2nd Prize: Dr. Franz Daling (Germany): System of Nocipoints.

Session 3
1st Prize: Dr. Gabriella Hegyi (Hungary): Efficacy of long term acupuncture biostimulation for lactation in mammals.
2nd Prize: Dr. Hans Kjerkegaard (Denmark): Gold implantation, a new method for treating chronic arthritic pain.

1st prize: Dr. Bettina Hauswald (Germany): Effects of acupuncture in the treatment of perennial allergic rhinitis in comparison to antihistaminic medication (Loratadin).
2nd Prize: Dr. Mariacher (Austria): Acupuncture in renal failure.


ICMART Congress 2001, Berlin, Germany

1st Prize: Prof. Dr. Jorge Boucinhas, Natal, Brasil
"Colorpuncture on YNSA Points"

2nd Prize: Dr. med. Anna Katharina Lehr, München, Germany
"Correlation of the description and the intensity of pain in German and Chinese acupuncture patients"

3rd Prize: Dipl. Med. Torsten Kupke, Dresden, Germany
"Pelvipathia – individual procedure within a holistic concept"

Poster Prizes
1st Prize: Holger Frauendorf, Bad Herrenalb, Germany
"Thermographic measurement of the acrale temperature reaction (ATR) by using different needling techniques of acupuncture"
2nd Prize: Dr. med. Mathilde Mariacher, Innsbruck, Austria
"The use of acupuncture in preparing childbirth"
3rd Prize: Florian Pfab and Martina Winhard, Regensburg, Germany
"Prolonged intermittent TENS-Acupuncture for therapy of reflux in ICU patients"

Video Prize
Dr. med. Bettina Hauswald, Dresden, Germany
‘Acupuncture courses at university clinics TU-Dresden’2000

Upcoming Event

ICMART Congress 2017
Mexico City, Mexico
2-4 June 2017


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