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Congress report and pictures from ECIM 2016 - hosted in Budapest

Congress report

ECIM 2016 Budapest




Budapest has hosted an important medical conference in mid-September. The prominent professionals of integrative medicine the first time met with their Hungarian colleagues at ECIM 2016 conference. Prof. Dr. Gabriella Hegyi became a Hungarian member of this prestigious professional organization, in recognition her work of professional foundation of TCM physician, wide range familiarization of western and complementary medicine, organization and practical implementation of high-quality medical training.

There cannot be another way of effective healing and prevention of diseases in the world, than by knowing all the various-minded treatments and choose the best methods and procedures for responsible application. But for this the first step is to get to know and understand all kind, whether they are few thousand years old, and then they should be harmonized with the modern theories and technological knowledge. This is the base of modern medical-healer approach, about what more than 32 countries’ three hundred scientists, researchers and practical specialist exchanged their experiences in Budapest ECIM conference in mid-September. The European Association for Integrative Medicine had its first Central and Eastern European event in Budapest. Hungary won the right of organizer among numerous other candidates, this choice is in recognition of the high-quality medical-healing work going on in the country and represent the trust in the future scientific implementation of integrative medicine. The Hungarian president and organizer of the conference, Dr. Gabriella Hegyi, professor of Dietetics and Complementary Medicine Department, Faculty of Health Sciences, the University of Pécs, founder and Professional and Strategy leader of Confucius Institute for Traditional Chinese Medicine at University of Pécs, president of the Hungarian Medical Acupuncture Association emphasized: the meeting confirmed those evidences, which are essential to be extensively known and disseminated for the daily healing work. Not the disease, but the patient should be treated in individually tailored way and by a multi-disciplinary approach, which means it is our duty to research these new ways, get to know their mechanism of action by the instrument systems of integrative medicine. Several international professional authorities attended to the conference, including Mr. Alojz Peterle, Co-Chair of European Parliament’s Health Workgroup, WHO Representative, Professor George Lewith from England, Professor Dominik Irnich from Munich, excellent lecturers from University of Iran, professors in the field of Ayurveda from India and others. Message of the Chinese Nobel Prize winner Professor Youyou Tu was about that she was examining recipe from year 200 AD and found those active agents, which can be used against malaria. Others have also confirmed that it is worth to examine centuries-old remedies, analyzing them by today modern technology may give such knowledge, for what previously we could not build. The participants were able to study many excellent practical examples. At the Anesthesiology Department of Munich University is running a complex pain management clinic, where in addition to the western medical tools they are also apply personalized herbal medicine, homeopathy, acupuncture and manual therapies treatments. The integrative medicine is successfully used in other countries as well. “It became certain, that the developed health care systems are also in need of the hidden potentials and resources of integrative medicine, which can be applied in legally regulated and medically-grounded frameworks” – said Professor Dr. József Betlehem, Dean of Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Pécs. “More and more obvious that a multilateral approach and treatment of diseases can become the XXI. century’s new healing strategic direction, with the following important elements: personalized treatment and shaping of a positive lifestyle to improve life quality” – emphasized Professor Hegyi, who has outstanding merits in Hungary on the professional foundation of TCM, wide range familiarization of western and complementary medicine, organization and practical implementation of high-quality medical training. The Yamamoto Institute established by her is an exemplary medical institute in Central Eastern Europe for 30 years. As recognition of all her work she got elected the member of international leadership of the European Association for Integrative Medicine. The congress was organized by Confucius Institute for Traditional Chinese Medicine at University of Pécs and the Hungarian Medical Acupuncture Association. (ECIM 2016, Budapest, 11.09.2016 press release)    

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President of the Hungarian Medical Acupuncture Association is hosting the European Congress of Integrative medicine - ECIM 2016

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Dear ICMART members,
We are delighted to announce the next scientific conference which will be placed in Budapest, where the ICMART 1992 and 2008 was organized.
Do you remember?
We are waiting all of you, who is interested in different topics, workshops and exiting programs. 
The ECIM 2016 Congress involves more interesting topics like Bi-Digital O-Ring Test lectures and SYmposium, Hungarian Medical Acupuncture and Association Annual Symposium (XXXI).  
We are looking to seeing you in Budapest!
Warmest regards
Gabriella Hegyi 
Prof. Dr. habil. Hegyi Gabriella MD.PhD.
Pécs UNiversity- PTE ETK Dietetikai Komplementer Medicina Tanszék

German Medical Acupuncture Association (DAEGfA) has a new board

Daegfa Board 2016

Priv-Doz Dr Dominik Irnich, MD, President
Gabriela Huemer, MD, Vice-President
Sabine Schirl, MD, Head of the Education Unit
Dr Klaus Trinczek, MD, Head of Education Unit
Hedi Luxenburger, MD, Treasurer
Stephan Allmendinger, MD

Upcoming Event

ICMART Congress 2017
Mexico City, Mexico
2-4 June 2017


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