Acupuncture of pathology due to exposure of «local» vibration

O.L. Lakhman
Angarsk, Russia

Pathology because of exposure to “local” vibration is more common in occupational diseases of nervous systems. The purpose of studies was the search of effective pathogenitically directed methods of acupuncture. The combined corporal-auricular reflexotherapy (CCART) has been used. The healing treatment has been performed on neurohormonal, immune and nerve-muscle systems.

The following corporal points (CP) have been used: MC6, NAY-Gu-ANG; MC7, Da-LING; TR3, CHZHUN-CHZHU; TR4,YANG-CHI; TR5, WEY-GUANG ; P1 , CHZHU-FU; P2 , YUNG-MENG ; E36 , TSU-SANG-LI ; RP6, SANG-ING-TSZAO; V23, SHENG-SHU; R7, FU-LYU; I20, KHUA-GEI; I21, SUANG-TSZI and the auricular points (AP): 13-adrenal; 22-endocrine glands; 25-Brain stem; 26a- hypothalamus; 28- Hypophysis; 45-thyroid; 75-kidney.

Daily 5-6 CP and 2-3 AP as well as surfacial acupuncture MAY-KHUA-CHZHENG (MKC) have been used.

As a result of acupuncture the restoration of changed indices of immunity and the normalization of electroneuromiographic parameters have been observed along with positive clinical morbidity dynamics. The disturbances of hormonal homeostasis were found to have a more steady character that demands perfecting the acupuncture methods.