honorary members

Dr. Helmut Liertzer, MD


Born 1951 in Vienna

Medical Promotion: 1977

Board certified as an orthopedic specialist: 1983

1994 – 2007 Head of the Department for Orthopedic Pain Therapy (Herz Jesu Hospital, Vienna)


Since 1978 member of the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Acupuncture/ Johannes Bischko Institute.
(Head: Prof. Dr. J. Bischko followed by Prof. Dr. H. Nissel and Dr. Karin Stockert)

Since 1983 board member of the Austrian Society for Acupuncture

1981 Alfred Pischinger Scientific Award

1983 Organization: Acupuncture World-Congress in Vienna (Hofburg)

1989 Organization: International ICMART Symposium in Vienna (Old AKH)

1992 – 1994 President of ICMART

2000 Organization: ICMART World-Congress in Vienna (Palais Auersperg)

2013 Organization: International ICMART Congress in Vienna

For many periods between 1986 and 2012 Vice-President of ICMART

After more than 30 years retired from the ICMART board 2015

Neural Therapy

Since 1994 board member of the Austrian Society of Neural Therapy

Since 2011 President of the Austrian Society of Neural Therapy

Since 2015 deputy director of IFMANT (International Federation of Medical Associations of Neural Therapy)