Human health condition as related to the disturbance of connection of the soul and spirit with the body

Dr. E. Kuchys – M.D.

In accordance with the principle of the holistic medicine The World Health Organisation, XII International conference “Church and the World Health”, (Vatican, 1997) and others appeal to treat a patient as a person consisting of spirit, soul and body. Indeed, the deep analysis of the causes of diseases leads to the conclusion that the illnesses of body primarily are caused by the indisposition of soul and spirit. The academic medicine usually takes into consideration this fact as so called “psychosomatic diseases”.

The above stated conclusion can be proved by the fact, that people with memory disturbances caused by Alzheimer’s disease, deep cerebral thrombosis etc experience the considerable improvement of their health. The author of the lines has observed this phenomenon in the case of his mother (89 years old) who was suffering from the whole bouquet of illnesses:

hypertension, strong pain attacks after the infarction, cholesteatoma, stomach ulcer, colitis, diabetes and so on. After the long heart attack in the result of which the blood pressure went down from 230/130 to 50/30 and the normalisation of the pressure afterwards she lost the memory. She stopped recognising the closest relatives, her orientation worsened, but at the same time she was talking to the late or not-present people. Later on she lost all the symptoms of the diseases: the pressure normalised, heart attacks never repeated, the sugar in blood was in norm. At the same time the memory and the orientation used to improve when a priest was visiting her. Taking into the consideration the fact the memory is situated in the spirit but not in the brains, which has been recognised by prof N.Bechtereva, and the fact that the causes of the body diseases are not placed in the body itself, then the above mentioned example proves that there was the obvious disconnection of spirit and soul with the body.

Similarly, one can suppose that other mental disorders such as debility, cretinism, Down’s syndrome etc are caused by the disconnection of spirit and soul with the body as the patients with such mental disorders usually do not suffer from the diseases of the body.

In its turn the methods of curing the schizophrenia (shock therapy, suppressing of the mental aggressive state by the psychotropic means lobotomy etc) in their basis have the principle of disconnection of body and soul. In this way, the connection of the body with the “black astral” or “devils” lodged in the soul is broken. But this is separate voluminus theme.

One should note that at the conference in Saint Petersburg (June, 1998) there was presented information about the successful treatment of children with the Down’s syndrome with the help of intensive massage of both media meridians especially in the part of cranium. The speaker explained that in that way they restore the channel of soul and spirit connection to the body. It is noteworthy that at the same time the nipple lines on the metacarpus have been restored.

This fact proves “The challenge of acupuncture”!