ICMART Accreditation Chapter

Current Members of the Committee

Chair: Dr. Konstantina Theodoratou, MD, Greece

Dr. Chin Chan, MD, Australia

Dr. Tomás Dawid, MD, Uruguay

Dr. Silvia Elenkova, MD, Bulgaria

Hedi Luxenburger, MD, Germany

Dongwoo Nam, South Korea

Dr. Marcia Yamamura, Brazil

ICMART Training Accreditation Standard – ICMART TAS

This Medical Acupuncture Education Standard presents the educational objectives of a program of education and training in medicine for doctors, agreed by ICMART. 

It sets out the essential core elements of knowledge, understanding, skills and attitudes necessary for a good curriculum. It provides a consensus framework of training requirements for safe and effective practice of medical acupuncture (the practice of acupuncture by medically qualified practitioners), and outlines the syllabus for examinations leading to a qualification in medical acupuncture conferred by the organizations represented in ICMART.

ICMART Congress Accreditation Standard – ICMART-CAS

Dear Colleagues,

In the recent years an increasing number of Medical Acupuncture Congresses are being held around the world.
The scientific level of these events varies so ICMART recognizes the need of a common accreditation system for Medical Acupuncture scientific events worldwide.
In order to secure advanced scientific level, novice evidence based and integrative medicine quality ICMART sets the standards and provides an accreditation system for its members and their scientific events.

Continuous learning is a necessity in medicine. But only quality, promotes knowledge. ICMART wishes to promote both.

On behalf of the Accreditation Chapter 
Konstantina Theodoratou,