ICMART Awards and Prices

ICMART Congress 2021 – Athens

ICMART Science Award 2021

Dynamic brain-to-brain concordance and behavioral mirroring as a mechanism of the patient-clinician interaction – Vitaly Napadow – USA

ICMART Young Scientist Awards

  1. Non-pharmacological pain prevention in term neonates: Laser acupuncture compared to oral glucose solution.

Stadler Jasmin, Austria

  1. Effect of acupuncture on muskuloskeletal symptoms using balance technique

Inciong Gaerlan, Philippines

  1. The importance of acupuncture/electroacupuncture (EA) in the regulation of the endocrine neuro immune system (NIE)

Figueiredo Pedro, Portugal

  1. Acupuncture therapy in post-radiation head-and-neck cancer with Dysgeusia

Djaali Wahyuningsih, Indonesia

Poster Awards

  1. Laser Acupuncture in neonates with neonatal abstinence syndrome: Secondary Analysis of the Finnegan score – Stadler Jasmin – Austria
  2. Medical acupuncture can affect pituitary function – A case report of altered Thyroid-Stimulating Hormone (TSH) secretion – Zogopoulos Panagiotis – Greece
  3. Chronic Achillodynia treated with Acupuncture. A pilot study- Model Anselm – Germany
  4. Acupuncture in the treatment of Hans Selye’s three states of stress – Viterbo Walter – Brazil
  5. Acupuncture in the treatment of foot drop and scar tissue pain after traumatic leg injury – Bajtekova Bibiana – Slovakia
  6. Acupuncture emergency service in Brazilian public health system: Quantitative analysis of cases attended in a semester – Rebouças Da Silva Júnior José Udevanier – Brazil
  7. The effect of an Iranian Traditional Massage (Fateh Method), compared with physiotherapy and acupuncture on pain and disability of patients with chronic low back pain; A randomized controlled clinical trial – Namiranian Parva – Iran

ICMART Congress 2020

cancelled due to pandemic

ICMART Congress 2019 – Gold Coast

Science Award

Young Scientist Award

Poster Awards

ICMART Congress 2018 – Munich

ICMART offers 7 awards at ICMART-iSAMS Congress, September 7th – 9th, 2018 in Munich:

ICMART Science Award in Acupuncture and Related Techniques 2018

ICMART-3B Young Scientists Travel Award 2018 (4 awards)

DÄGfA Poster Award 2018

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ICMART Congress 2017 – Mexico    

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ICMART Science Award 2017

Joseph F. Audette, M.A., M.D. Cambridge, Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates, USA:

‘Rewriting the primary somatosensory cortex in carpal tunnel syndrome with acupuncture’, Brain. 2017 Apr 1;140(4):914-927.

ICMART Young Scientist Travel Award 2017 sponsored by 3B Scientific

The four winners are:

I. Petra Baeumler ‘Impact of central sensitization on acupuncture effects’, Germany

II. Angel Filiberto Teniente De Alba ‘Comparative study of the effect of the application of acupotomy and neuromuscular bandage vs neuromuscular bandage in the treatment of patients with hallux valgus’, Mexico

III. Verónica Ojeda Vargas ‘The comparative study of the effectiveness of acutomo therapy vs ozone therapy in the osteoarthritis of the knee’, Mexico

IV. Alejandra Aguirre Guerrero ‘Anxiolytic effect of electroacupuncture in an anxiety model in rats: involvement of gaba-ergic pathway’, Mexico

DAEGfA Poster Award 2017

I. Jessica Garcia, Mexico – Comparison of different Acupuncture Technics in the treatment of obesity in women

II. Maria Virginia Rodriguez, Uruguay – Approach from Theory if five elements – a case report

III. Dorothea Zeise-Süss, Germany – Treating Parkinsons Disease with scalp acupuncture


ICMART Congress 2010, Riga, Latvia (awards sponsored by 3B Scientific)

Oral Presentation
1 Bryan Frank (USA): 
2. Jean Pierre Fossion (Belgium):
3. Cui Shuli (Singapor):

ICMART Congress 2009, Thessaloniki, Greece

Oral Presentation
1. Einar Borud (Norway): The acupuncture treatment for postmenopausal hot flushes (Acuflash) study: traditional Chinese medicine diagnosis and acupuncture points used, and their relation to the treatment response.
2. Taras Usichenko (Germany): Auricular Acupuncture reduces fentanyl requirement during hip arthroplasty – a randomized controlled trial
3. Konstantina Theodoratou (Greece): Placebo and acupuncture an unusual approach

Poster Presentation
1. S. Kamberis (Greece): The use and efficiancy of the acupuncture method in the treatment of trigeminal neuralgia, due to Multiple Sclerosis.
2. Obduliua Parra (Spain): Acupuncture as treatment of vascular ulcers in lower extremeties.
3. Christiane Demmrich-Wander (Germany): The gold acupuncture with dogs

ICMART Congress 2008, Budapest, Hungary

Oral Presentation
1. Irmgard Simma-Kietschka (Austria): The effectiveness of Acupuncture in chewing muscle tension, CMD, TMJ and cervical spine disorders – a randomized controlled trial.
2. Anna Loskotova (Czech Republic): New methods in traumatology and their application in complex therapy of burn trauma – method ‘Loskot’.
3. Stefano Meloncelli (Italy): Acupunctural treatmenr of FBSS: review of literature and personal experience.

Poster Presentation
1. Reginaldo Silva Filho (Brasil): Acupuncture treatment effect on the oxidative stress.
2. Shoko Masuyama (Japan): Preliminary and exploratory study on specfific adverse reactions to Acupuncture – a randomized controlled trial on tiredness, drowsiness and driving ability after treatment.
3. Henrik Ewert (Germany): Influence of a acupuncture therapy on intraocular pressure and the compliance of patients with ocular hypertension and primary open angle glaucoma.

ICMART Congress 2007, Barcelona, Spain

Oral Presentation
1. Joao Bosco G. da Silva (Brasil): Acupuncture for mild and moderate emotional complaints in pregnancy. Outcomes from an adhoc self-report measure in a prospective, quasi-randomised, controlled study. 
2. Max Sanchez-Araujo (Venezuela): Acupuncture prevents relapses of dog’s recurrent otitis. Results of one year follow-up.
3. Dominik Irnich (Germany): Changes in electric skin resistance at acupuncture points.

Poster Presentation
1. S. Kamberis (Greece)
2. Obduliua Parra (Spain)
3. Christiane Demmrich-Wander (Germany)

ICMART Congress 2006, Washington, USA

Oral Presentation
1. Florian Pfab (Germany): Preventive Effect of Acupuncture on Skin Reaction and Emotional Perception of Histamine-Induced Itch.
2. Evemarie Wolkenstein (Austria)
2. Katharina Rubi-Klein (Austria)
3. Patrick Sautreuil (France): Amputation, Pain Caused by Neuromas and Acupuncture.

Poster Presentation
1. Maria F. G. Martins (Brasil) 
2. Yuan-Chi Lin (USA)
3. Younbyoung Chae (South Korea)

ICMART Congress 2002, Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Session 1
1st Prize: Dr. Panos Barlas (UK): Effects of intensity of elecroacupuncture stimulation upon mechanical pain thresholds in healthy human volunteers.
2nd Prize: Dr. Im Quah Smith (Australia): Laser acupuncture in the management of depression.

Session 2
1st Prize: Dr. Johannes Nepp (Austria): ocular surface temperature change by acupuncture.
2nd Prize: Dr. Franz Daling (Germany): System of Nocipoints.

Session 3
1st Prize: Dr. Gabriella Hegyi (Hungary): Efficacy of long term acupuncture biostimulation for lactation in mammals.
2nd Prize: Dr. Hans Kjerkegaard (Denmark): Gold implantation, a new method for treating chronic arthritic pain.

1st prize: Dr. Bettina Hauswald (Germany): Effects of acupuncture in the treatment of perennial allergic rhinitis in comparison to antihistaminic medication (Loratadin).
2nd Prize: Dr. Mariacher (Austria): Acupuncture in renal failure.

ICMART Congress 2001, Berlin, Germany

1st Prize: Prof. Dr. Jorge Boucinhas, Natal, Brasil
“Colorpuncture on YNSA Points”

2nd Prize: Dr. med. Anna Katharina Lehr, München, Germany
“Correlation of the description and the intensity of pain in German and Chinese acupuncture patients”

3rd Prize: Dipl. Med. Torsten Kupke, Dresden, Germany
“Pelvipathia – individual procedure within a holistic concept”

Poster Prizes
1st Prize: Holger Frauendorf, Bad Herrenalb, Germany
“Thermographic measurement of the acrale temperature reaction (ATR) by using different needling techniques of acupuncture”
2nd Prize: Dr. med. Mathilde Mariacher, Innsbruck, Austria
“The use of acupuncture in preparing childbirth”
3rd Prize: Florian Pfab and Martina Winhard, Regensburg, Germany
“Prolonged intermittent TENS-Acupuncture for therapy of reflux in ICU patients”

Video Prize
Dr. med. Bettina Hauswald, Dresden, Germany
‘Acupuncture courses at university clinics TU-Dresden’2000