The Use of Acupuncture in Complex Therapy of Burn Trauma

Anna Loskotova- Filipkova , M.D.
SALVE centrum, Jiraskova 177/lV, 566 01 Vyosoke Myto Czech Republic

In 1984-1996 we treated 192 patients with burn trauma in the surgical department -131 out patients and 61 hospitalised (26 adults and 35 children ) Besides of basic surgical therapy, we also used acupuncture (ACU) with steel needle to point 7 of Jung pathway ( Lie Cchue ) bilaterally. A course of the burns was various, from degree 11 (deep dermal burn ) to degree 111 ( full thickness burn ) with total percentage area burn from 5 to 20% of body surface. Duration of application of needles was once a day for 30 minutes, in the acute stage twice a day for 30-120 minutes and in advance epithelization once every other day for 30 minutes.


Contribution of ACU as a subsidary method of treatment was positive. ACU markedly participates in reducing the development of burn shock, in shortening the duration of infection, in accelerating epithelizatioon of the skin and experted an analgetic and sedative effect. 61 patients were cured in 4 weeks without a plastic operation, without keloid scars and contractures. Working absence was shortened, less analgetics, sedatives and antibiotics were used. The use of ACU in burn trauma is simple, quick by acting and easily available.