Microacupuncture systems as fractals of the human body

Vadim Bouevitch

The aim of the present research is to try to give an explanation to some regularities of emergence and functioning of microacupuncture systems and of their interrelation. It is obvious that neurohumoral mediators alone fail to account for the diversity of the microsystems found in different areas of skin and mucosa . For that matter we have to refer to the fractal-field model of the human organism together with the laws of homeostatics.

The phenomenon of fractalisation was discovered by B. Mandelbrot. At present the principles of fractalisation (or analogy) is considered to be one the fundamental principles of self organization in nature. The human organism is also a fractal, i.e. hypostatic, system. For example, branching of large I order bronchi is similar to that of VI-VII order bronchi. The charts of cardiac rhythm within 24 hours period and within one minute are also fractal. Fractal processes and structures in the human organism are responsible for its adaptation to the changes in the environment. According to the latest discoveries of physics the system of acupuncture meridians is of wave (quantum) nature. Following the fractalisation principle it creates a number of its quantum replicas, or microacupuncture systems. The biological meaning of this multiple replication is to achieve highly excessive and catch-proof wave (quantum) genetic information.

In terms of cybernetics any microacupuncture systems is a homeostat, which provides information exchange between the inner medium of the human organism and the environment and works out the program of keeping internal stability. The homeostats of a living organism mix into hierarchies forming homeostats of the higher order. For the human organism the system of classical chinese meridians is the homeostat of the higher order.

· Microacupuncture systems are one of the manifestations of fractalisation, the universal principle of self organization in nature.

· The number of possible microsystems is unlimited.

· Resolution of a microsystem and its influence on the organism depend on the size of its projection on the surface of skin, mucous and periosteum. This influence is the most effective in the points of the classical acupuncture meridians.