New healing technology results achieved by the united benefits of acupuncture and MADU strips

Mandic Dusanka
Gostivarska 52, 11000 Beograd, YUGOSLAVIA

The purpose of the study is to present the efficiency of application using MADU strips and simulation of acupunctural points with the aim to activate the paramagnetic and ferromagnetic matters in human organisms. MADU strips are fixed to the surface of the skin and worn day and night for several days or months dependent on indications. This principle with deep magnetic field effects is applicable to a wide range of medical indications. More than 190 patients were treated and considerable results achieved related to:

more lavish oxygen delivery by blood into the area of reduced micro circulation, treated with directed deep magnetic field in diabetic angiopathy and gangrena. Positive results were achieved with diabetic gangrena with 56,25% of treated patients.

immobilization of thrombus produced, for its faster rechannelisation at the point of its occurrence and prevention of embolism from thrombic area and ulcus cruris. With thrombosis and ulcus cruris the results point to faster rechannelisation within the period of less than three weeks and ulcus cruris was reduced and healed in 42 % of cases.

faster and more complete development of calus in bone fracture and more profuse delivery of calcium into the bone regenerated, in fracture and osteoporosis-faster and improved: regeneration of Cartilage. In fracture and osteoporosis there was 65,38% success, and with cartilage restitution 52,94% pttns were treated with success.

reduced swelling in the area under the influence of directed deep magnetic field in 65,45% of.cases.

painfull syndrome was relieved with significant success / p < 0,00009 /

This new method of application of deep magnetic influence by MADU strips, together with the stimulation of selective acupuncture points proved to offer more satisfactory results than the methods applied separately in the past.

MADU strips is PCT/YU patent 00018/98 by Dusanka Mandic