Potential of the TCM in the treatment of some renal problems.



Along with recent achievements of the Western medicine we would like to offer the TCM for the treatment of such common kidney problems as urinary stones and renal cysts.


The aim of our research is to show that applying the TCM for treating urinary stones and renal cysts is both effective and safe.


We apply complex therapy including corporal and auricular acupuncture, Sujok and scalp therapy.


Our results are encouraging for the use of acupuncture for treating urinary stones and renal cysts. We are going to present two cases of successful treatment. Repeated ultrasound examinations confirm positive changes in kidneys. The first case shows that acupuncture can promote stone passage and has an analgesic effect. The second one shows that there is a chance of the cyst disappearing after acupuncture treatment. Both cases give evidence that the TCM helps to recover the normal functioning of the organs, improves the patient’s general condition and has no side effects.


The TCM offers an organ-friendly approach to the treatment of such kidney problems as urinary stones and renal cysts. It may help to avoid surgery and normalize the function of the organs.