Zbigniew Garnuszewski – the pioneer of acupuncture in Poland

Olgierd Kossowski
Krasinskiego 30, 43300 Bielsko-Biala, Poland

At the beginning of his statement the author wonders about the fate of man in this vast universe and asks the basic question: what is time, what is space. A man has his individuality, which is being shaped in the course of life, but which, however, unreservedly passes. What remains after a man is memory and often accomplished works.

Professor Garnuszewski was our father, tutor and master, after whom shall remain everlasting memory.

The author recalls the Professor’s studies at the Jagiellonski University in Cracow, his sport successes and the honourable period of service in the ranks of the Home Army- a secret military organization during the war. After the war the period of hard work at the restoration of polish hospitals and receiving one of the first doctorates in Poland at the Wroclaw University in 1947. Professor Garnuszewski had founded the only medical museum in Poland, which he donated to the medical library in Warsaw. Then, the author recalls the Professor’s numerous trips to Africa and the Far East and the acquaintance with acupuncture. Professor Garnuszewski had founded the first acupuncture clinic in Poland, which became the germ of the Metropolitan Centre of Acupuncture. His followers decided to continue the Professor’s work, to maintain the Centre of Acupuncture and conduct training in acupuncture within the framework of the Polish Society of Acupuncture.