ICMART FREE WEBINAR III – Science and Medical Acupuncture

ICMART organizes its 3rd Webinar “Science and Medical Acupuncture” on the 8th May 2022 at 11.00 am GMT.

It is a joint event with XII FILASMA Congress (6-8 May 2022). Check the program below.


ZOOM Link to join the webinar here.

         11.00-11.05 Opening Welcome

Chairs: Konstantina Theodoratou, Hedi Luxenburger, Chin Chan, Tomas Dawid

  1. 11.05-11.25 Epigastric Pain

Katrina Watson, President AMAC , Australia

  1. 11.25-11.45 Introduction of Acupuncture Treatment Recommendations in Korean Medicine Clinical Practice Guidelines

Dongwoo Nam, Korea

  1. 11.45-12.05 The explanation of some practices and theories of acupuncture through segmental anatomy

Thomas Ots, Germany

  1. 12.05-12.25 Pelvic pain in obstetrics

Marc Martin, President FAFORMEC, France

  1. 12.25- 12.45 Acupuncture in acute conjunctivitis

Lucio Sotte, Italy

  1. 12.45- 13.05 Acupuncture in traumatization

Richard Musil, Germany

  1. 13.05-13.25 Secondary effects of aromatase inhibitors in metastasic breast cancer treated with acupuncture

Isabel Giralt, Spain

  1. 13.25-13.45 Integrating Medical Acupuncture into a Residency Training Program

Unger Kendra, President AAMA, USA

  1. 13.45-14.05 Update on Experimental Controls in Clinical Research on Acupuncture

Fernando Farias, Brazil

  1. 14.05– 14.45 The role of Acupuncture for covid and post-covid. TCM Approach

Francisco Lozano, Mexico 

  14.45 – 15.00 Closing