Definition and Aims

International Council of Medical Acupuncture and Related Techniques


  • ICMART is an international non-profit organization, registered in Brussels.
  • ICMART was founded 1983 in Vienna/Austria.
  • ICMART is the only umbrella organization which represents Medical Acupuncture and
    Related Techniques worldwide.
  • ICMART is the leading international organization for Medical Acupuncture.
  • ICMART is representing a global network.
  • ICMART comprises about 80 Medical Acupuncture associations and colleges worldwide.
  • ICMART represents over 35,000 physicians practising acupuncture and related techniques.
  • ICMART promotes the concept of evidence-based medicine regarding efficacy, safety and cost effectiveness in acupuncture and related techniques.
  • ICMART has chapters for special tasks.
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Since 1983, more than 35 World Congresses or International Symposia have been under the direct patronage of ICMART.
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ICMART is the first contact address of Medical Acupuncture.
ICMART aims to propagate the idea of Medical Acupuncture worldwide by:

  • Medical Acupuncture is a new paradigm of acupuncture in the west, established and developed by western physicians about sixty years ago in Europe, spreading later over the whole world by integration into the medical practice.
  • Medical Acupuncture is implementing standards of modern western medicine in theory, practice and research.
  • Medical Acupuncture is based on traditional roots, in respect, critical and constructive evaluation.
  • Medical Acupuncture is fostering dual training of physicians in western medicine and acupuncture.
  • Medical Acupuncture is applying the concept of evidence-based medicine considering aspects of efficacy, safety and cost effectiveness. 
  • Medical Acupuncture promotes the concept of evidence-based medicine regarding to efficacy, safety and cost effectiveness applied to acupuncture and related techniques
  • Medical Acupuncture is orientated towards medical pluralism and integrative medicine.