How to become a Member of ICMART

ArgentinaSociedad Argentina de AcupunturaArgentinian Society of Acupunturewww.saacupuntura.com.ar
AustraliaAustralian Medical Acupuncture CollegeAustralian Medical Acupuncture Collegewww.amac.org.au
AustriaÖsterreichische Gesellschaft für AkupunkturAustrian Acupuncture Societywww.akupunktur.at
AustriaÖsterreichische Gesellschaft für kontrollierte Akupunktur und TCMAustrian Society for Controlled Acupuncture and TCMwww.ogka.at
AustriaÖsterreichische Medizinische Gesellschaft für Neuraltherapie und RegulationsforschungAustrian Medical Society for Neuraltherapyhttps://neuraltherapie.at/
AustriaÖsterreichische Gesellschaft für Ganzheitliche Zahn- Mund- und Kieferheilkunde,
CAM (Complementary-alternative-medicine) in Dentistry
Österreichische Gesellschaft für Ganzheitliche Zahn- Mund- und Kieferheilkunde,
CAM (Complementary-alternative-medicine) in Dentistry
BelgiumBelgische Verenigung der Geneesheren AcupuncturistenBelgian Association of MD-Acupuncturistswww.acupuncture.be
BrazilAssociação Médica Brasileira de AcupunturaBrasilian Medical Association of Acupuncturewww.cmba.org.br
BulgariaБЪЛГАРСКО ДРУЖЕСТВО ПО ТРАДИЦИОННА КИТАЙСКА МЕДИЦИНА / БДТКМ /Bulgarian Society of Traditional Chinese Medicne 
CanadaCanadian Medical Acupuncture SocietyCanadian Medical Acupuncture Societyno website
ColombiaAsociación Colombiana de Acupuntura y moxibustionColombian Acupuncture and Moxibustion associationwww.asomcolam.com
CroatiaHrvatsko društvo za akupunkturuCroatian Acupuncture Associationwww.akupunktura.hr
CyprusΠAΓΚΥΠΡΙA IATPIKH ETAIΡEιA BEΛΟΝIΣΜΟΥPancyprian Medical Society of Acupuncturehttp://www.cyprusacupuncture.com/
Czech RepublicČeská lékařská akupunkturistická společnost ČLS JEPCzech medical society for acupuncture of the Czech medical association of J.E. Purkynehttps://akupunktura.cz/
EcuadorSociedad Ecuatoriana de Acupuntura y MoxcibustiobEcuatorian Society of Acupuncture and Moxibustion 
EstoniaEesti Akupunktuuri AssotsiatsioonEstonian Acupuncture Associationwww.akupunktuur.ee
FinlandSuomen Lääkäreiden Akupunktioyhdistys ryFinnish Medical, Acupuncture Societysuomenlaakareidenakupunktioyhdistys.com/
FranceAcupuncture Auriculaire Sans FrontieresAcupuncture Auriculaire Sans Frontieres 
FranceFrench Medical Acupuncturist Federation for Continuous Medical TrainingFrench Medical Acupuncturist Federation for Continuous Medical Trainingwww.acupuncture-medic.fr/faformec/
GermanyDeutsche Ärztegesellschaft für Akupunktur e.V.German Medical Acupuncture Assosiationwww.daegfa.de
GermanyDeutsche Gesellschaft für Akupunktur und NeuraltherapieGerman Association of Acupuncture and Neuraltherapywww.dgfan.de
GermanyInternationale Gesellschaft für Chinesische Medizin e.V.International Society for Chinese Medicinewww.tcm.edu
GreeceΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΗ ΕΤΑΙΡΕΙΑ NEURAL THERAPY ΚΑΙ ΜΕΛΕΤΗΣ ΤΗΣ ΟΜΟΙΟΣΤΑΣΗΣHellenic Society of Neural Therapy and Study of Homeostasiswww.neuraltherapy.gr
GreeceΕκπαιδευτικό Ινστιτούτο Βελονισμού ΕλλάδαςMedical Acupuncture Society of Northern Greecewww.acupuncture.gr
GreeceHellenic Medical Acupuncture SocietyHellenic Medical Acupuncture Societywww.mediacus.gr
GreecePanhellenic Medical Acupuncture SocietyPanhellenic Medical Acupuncture Society 
GreeceΕπιστημονικός Σύλλογος Ιατρών Βελονισμού ΕλλάδαςScientific Association of Medical Acupuncture in Greecewww.samag.gr
GreeceΕλληνική Ιατρική Εταιρεία ΩτοβελονισμούHellenic Medical Society of Auricular Acupunctureauricular-acupuncture.com
HungaryMagyar Akupunktúrás Orvosok TársaságaHungarian Medical Acupuncture Association Budapestwww.maot.hu
IndonesiaPerhimpunan Dokter Akupunktur medik IndonesiaIndonesia Association of Medical Acupuncturewww.pdai.or.id/
ItalyFederazione Italiana delle Società di AgopunturaItalian Federation of Acupuncture Societeswww.agopuntura-fisa.it
ItalyResearch Institute in Clinical Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Psychotherapy and Anti Aging MedicineResearch Institute in Clinical Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Psychotherapy and Anti Aging Medicinehttp://www.researchinstitute.it/
ItalyAgopuntura nel Mondo.Acupuncture in the Worldwww.agopunturanelmondo.com
ItalyAssociation for Research and Scientific ImprovementAssociation for Research and Scientific Improvement 
ItalyItalian Association of Manual Medicine and NeuroreflexotherapyItalian Association of Manual Medicine and Neuroreflexotherapy 
ItalyAssociazione Lombarda Medici AgopuntoriLombard Association of Medical Acupuncturistswww.agopuntura-alma.it
ItalyAssociazione Medici Agopuntori BolognesiAssociation Medical Acupuncturists of Bolognawww.amabonline.it
ItalyAssociazione Medica Italiana Agopuntura Didatticano data 
ItalyGruppo di Studio sull’Agopuntura e le Terapie NaturaliStudy Group Acupuncture and Natural Therapies – Sardinia ( Italy)www.agopunturainsardegna.it
ItalySocieta Italiana di AgopunturaItalian Society of Acupuncturewww.sia-mtc.it
ItalyAssociazione culturale, “Alberto Nirchio”no datawww.agopunturapuglia.com/
ItalyCentro Studi e Centro Medico So-Wenno datawww.sowen.it/
LatviaHolistiskās Medicīnas un Naturopātijas asociācijaLatvian Association for Medical Acupuncture & Related Techniqueswww.Akupunktura.lv
LithuaniaLietuvos akupunktūros gydytojų asociacijaLithuanian Association of Acupuncture Doctorswww.akupunktura-sls.sk
Korea SouthThe Society of Korean Medicine www.skoms.org
LuxembourgLuxemburg Medical Association of AcupunctureLuxemburg Medical Association of Acupuncturewww.acupuncture.lu
MexicoMexican College of Medical Acupuncture SpecialistsMexican College of Medical Acupuncture Specialistswww.colegiomexicanodeacupuntura.com
The NetherlandsNederlandse Artsen Acupunctuur VerenigingDutch Medical Acupuncture Associationwww.naav.nl
The NetherlandsWetenschappelijke Artsen Vereniging Voor Acupunctuur In NederlandAssociation for the Scientific Medical Doctors in Acupuncture in the Netherlandswww.wavan.nl
ParaguaySociedad Médica Paraguaya de AcupunturiatríaMedical Praguayan Society of Acupuncturists 
PortugalSociedade Portuguesa Médica de AcupuncturaMedical Acupuncture Society of Portugalwww.spma.pt
RomaniaAsociatia Transilvana de Medicina Integrata Si CuanticaTranssylvanian Association of Integrated Quantum Medicine 
SloveniaSlovensko združenje za kitajsko medicino in akupunkturoSlovenian Association of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinesehttps://www.szkma.si/
SpainOfficial medical College
Acupuncturist’s Section
Official medical College
Acupuncturist’s Section
SpainVeterinarios Acupuntores del MediterráneoMediterranean Veterinary Acupuncturists 
SwedenDanish Society of Evidense based AcupunctureDanish Society of Evidense based Acupuncturewww.akupunkturnyt.dk
SwitzerlandAssoziation Schweizer Ärztegesellschaften für Akupunktur und Chinesische MedizinAssociation of Swiss Medical Societies for Acupuncture and Chinese Medicinewww.akupuntur-tcm.ch
TurkeyAkademik Akupunktu DernegiAcademic Acupuncture Societywww.akupunkturdernegi.org.tr
TurkeyIstanbul Akupunktur ve Tamamlayici Tip DernegiIstanbul Medical Acupuncture and Complementary Medicine Associationwww.istakupder.com
TurkeyAnkara Akupunktur ve Tamamlayici Tip DernegiAnkara Acupuncture and Complimentary Medicine Associationhttps://akupunkturvetamamlayicitip.org/
TurkeyTurkish Acupuncture AssociationTurkish Acupuncture Association 
UruguayAsociación Uruguaya de AcupunturaUruguayan Acupunture Associationwww.acupunturamedica.org.uy
USAAmerican Academy of Medical AcupunctureAmerican Academy of Medical Acupuncturewww.medicalacupuncture.org
USAAmerican Division of the International College of Acupuncture and Electro-Therapeutics (American College of Acupuncture & Electro-Therapeutics)American Division of the International College of Acupuncture and Electro-Therapeutics (American College of Acupuncture & Electro-Therapeutics) 

How to become a Member of ICMART

Extract of the ICMART Articles of Association

Article III: Members

1. The Association is composed of:

(a) National Associations of Medical Acupuncture and/or Related Techniques. These Associations must be registered in their countries as juridical persons in a non-profit-making or equivalent form. They are the Full Members and participate in the voting according to the detailed procedure given in Article IV.

(b) Honorary Members: this title is conferred by the General Assembly, on a proposal from the Board, on certain Associations or persons, even if they are not specialists in the field of Acupuncture or Related Techniques, but who have rendered exceptional services to ICMART or have contributed significantly to furthering the aims of the Association. Honorary Members can be dispensed from paying registration fees for Congresses patronized by ICMART. They are not included in the national contingent and do not have to pay the annual subscription. They do not have votes in the deliberations.

(c) Observer Members: the capacity of Observer Member is attributed by the General Assembly, on a proposal from the Board, to an Association or person who can render services to ICMART. They have a consultative vote in the General Assembly.

(d) Benefactor Members: any person contributing gifts, legacies or subsidies to ICMART, the minimum amount of which shall be fixed by the internal regulations. They do not have votes in the deliberations.

2. The admission of new Full Members is subject to the following conditions:

(a) They must be presented by two Full Members or Honorary Members of the Association, or by one of these and one member of the ICMART Board, and approved by the Board.

(b) They must submit their application by letter, email, facsimile, and/or electronic data transfer to the President in office.

(c) They must communicate the By-lawsof their Association and a complete list of its members.

(d) They must present proof of the organization and activities of the Association, or a curriculum vitae and a list of publications. Activities and publications must be devoted to the study of cultural or scientific problems raised by Acupuncture and/or Related Techniques.

(e) They must pay the necessary subscription without which the candidate, even if he has met all the other conditions, cannot participate in the voting system.


(a) Members of ICMART can submit their resignation by registered letter to the President or General Secretary in office, but they are not dispensed from the subscription for the current year unless the resignation is received six months before the meeting of the Statutory General Assembly.

(b) The Board, meeting as a Committee of Honor, can, after having heard a member in question, personally in the case of an individual, or in the form of a delegate in the case of a juridical person, propose his exclusion to the General Assembly if it judges that the conduct of the member runs counter to the ICMART Articles of Association. This exclusion can be pronounced by the General Assembly only if it has been placed on the agenda and is supported by a two-thirds majority of the votes of voting delegates present or represented. The agenda may not mention the names of the member or members in question.

(c) A member who, by decease or otherwise, ceases to belong to the Association, has no claims on the social fund.