(a) Non-Invasive Rapid Screening & Localization of Pre-cancer, Cancer, Myocardial Disease; Intractable Pain, Other Intractable Medical Problems, and Their Effective Treatment Using Selective Drug Uptake Enhancement Method (b)) Environmental Factors Contributing to the Genesis of Cancer and Cardio-Vascular Diseases, with Special Emphasis on Electromagnetic Fields (c) Undesirable (-) Qi Syndrome & Electro-Magnetic Field Hypersensitivity & Their Potential Implications & Treatment of Pain & Other Problems Using (+) Qi Gong Energy Stored Paper (d) Effect of Acupuncture on Human Telomere in Normal and, Cancer Cells

Yoshiaki Omura – M.D., Sc.D.

Early non-invasive screening of cancer and pre-cancer can be performed using Integrin a5b1 as a reference control substance for the Bi-Digital O-Ring Test Resonance Phenomenon between two identical substances, one of which is inside the body. Often early detection of cancer or pre-cancer can be made before any change appears in X-Ray, CTScan, MRI, and blood chemistries and the exact location can be localized without any instruments or imaging devices. When the finding is ignored and not treated or not re-examined periodically simply because laboratory tests could not confirm the finding, often the individual with a strong positive cancer parameter finding develops cancer within 3-7 years. In pre-cancer and cancer cells the author found the following parameters always to-exist

l) Marked Increase in Integrin a5bl;
2) Marked increase in Oncogene C-fos Ab2;
3) Marked Increase in Hg;
4) Marked Decrease in Acetylcholine;
5) Marked Decrease in NO;
6) Viral Infections;
7) Marked Increase in Glucose.

By giving a mixture capsule of EPA and DHA as an effective, safe and natural anti-viral agent and Cilantro to remove heavy metals, with the Selective Drug Uptake Enhancement Method to deliver these substances selectively to the pathological area by stimulation of the accurate organ representation area corresponding to the pathological area. The effective stimulation of the accurate organ representation area corresponding to the pathological area can include acupuncture, strong Shiatsu, (-) electrical field, electromagnetic field including red spectrum soft laser, heat, low frequency electrical pulse stimulation, (+) Qi Gong, etc. Myocardial disease in the very early stage can be screened non-invasively from the patient’s chest wall above the heart using L-homocysteine or cardiac troponin I as reference control substances, before any significant changes in EKG or increase in blood concentration of L-homocysteine and cardiac troponin I. Intractable pain appearing on one side of the body or appearing alternatively from one side to the other side is often due to Herpes Simplex Type I or Type 11 viral infection. This virus remains on the same side of the body and never crosses the midline to the right and left side at the same spinal level. The most effective treatment is identical to that described above for cancer.

Often environmental factors, particularly, environmental electro-magnetic field with extremely high frequency can contribute to the genesis of cancer and cardio-vascular diseases. According to the author’s study, the majority of patients with cancer and cardio-vascular diseases have a definite relationship with abnormal electro-magnetic fields which can be detected from a specific location through the patient’s bed. Also, the location of the cancer often corresponds to the pathway of the strong abnormal electro-magnetic field, particularly in those who have lived in the same house and slept on the same bed for more than 7 years. The presence of heavy metals, such as Hg, in the cell nucleus serves as a microantenna and creates strong chemical reactions in the surrounding tissues, particularly on the gene when it happens in the cell nucleus, and it triggers the induction of pre-cancer or cancer. Most of the Hg inside of the body comes from amalgam used for filling dental decay (about 50% of the composition of dental amalgam is Hg) and other sources of Hg intake include drinks and food which were either kept in a ,Hg containing pot or cup. Extremely high frequency electro-magnetic fields can be detected by an electro-magnetic field detector. Electromagnetic field detectors for relatively low frequencies of less than 100MHz are less expensive but extremely high frequency .electro-magnetic detectors of more than 20GHz become extremely expensive but with the Bi-Digital O-Ring Test any harmful electro-magnetic field can be detected very easily. Once the abnormal electro-magnetic field is detected, it can be eliminated by placing a metal sheet, such as Cu, and grounding it but the magnetic field is highly penetrating and it is more difficult to block unless one utilizes the substance which concentrates the magnetic field.

In the late 1980s, the author succeeded in storing external Qi Gong energy in various materials including paper, metals, glass, wood, gauze and band aids. After evaluating the stored Qi Gong with the Bi-Digital 0-Ring Test, the author found that there are two types of Qi Gong energy which are completely opposite to each other. One type induces the following: 1) Improved circulation; 2) Make the muscle stronger; 3) Reduce ac eliminate pain; 4) Relax spastic muscle 5) Increase Drug Uptake. This type of Qi Gong energy is named (+) Qi Gong Energy. The opposite of this is (-) Qi Gong energy which creates the following: 1) Disturbed circulation; 2) Make the muscle weaker; 3) Increase the existing pain or create pain; 4) Make muscle spastic; 5) Inhibit Drug Uptake. By the end of 1980s, the author succeeded in storing (+) Qi Gong energy in one surface and then found out that there is always (-) Qi Gong energy on the opposite side. Since then the author has been using Qi Gong energy stored paper for the treatment of pain, circulatory disturbance, abnormally weak or spastic muscle and improving circulation, and enhancing drug uptake by applying (+) Qi Gong energy stored side of paper on the skin above the pathological part of the body. (-) Qi Gong energy is often used by martial arts experts to create a strong (-) Qi Gong energy effect on the opponents and to incapacitate the opponents without directly touching them.

The majority of healthy individuals have balanced (+) Qi and (-) Qi at both hands i.e. if the individual is right handed, the fingers of the right hand emit (+) Qi and palm of the right hand emits (-) Qi and left fingers of left hand emit (-) Qi and palm of the left hand emits (+) Qi, but recently the author found out that there are many people who only have (-) Qi in every part of both hands. Most of those who only have abnormal (-) Qi in both hands also have (-) Qi in their entire body and the effective field of (-) Qi can vary in the individual anywhere between 30cm to a maximum of 9 meters and, in these people, thromboxin B2 is increased with decreased acetylcoline and often with decrease in serotonin and dopamine. As a consequence, these individuals are often very irritable, nasty and have a disturbing character, although there are some exceptions. If a normal person stays near an individual with a strong (-) Qi for a few hours, the normal person will also change to a strong (-) and the effectiveness of some medication touched or placed near a (-) person may be effected and sometimes the medication becomes ineffective. These phenomena associated with (-) Qi is called (-) Qi Syndrome and most of the people who have this syndrome also exhibit, at the same time, electro-magnetic field hypersensitivity. Since 1997, the percentage of people with the (-) Qi Syndrome markedly increased. The maximum number was found during the time corresponding to Leonid Shower due to tale of the comet approaching Earth around November 1998. Around November and December 1998, majority of people exhibited (-) Qi Syndrome in both USA and Japan but many of them returned to normal gradually. However, some of them remained to be strong (-) Qi. If the (-) person is a physician or in the health care profession, such a person will give an undesirable effect to the patient so any individual engaged in the health care profession must convert (-) Qi to a more balanced combination of (+) and (-) Qi before treating the patient. In 1998, the author discovered 3 methods of reversing strong (-) Qi to either (+) Qi or balanced pair of (-) and (+) Qi. 1 ) Massage both eyebrows with both hands for at least 40 times, 2) Give brisk upward friction on acupuncture point C.V. 17 for 20-40 times continuously (in the male it is located between the nipple on the sternum or 4th intercostal space at sternum in both male and females); 3) Give brisk upward friction for 20-40 times at acupuncture point CV5 at lower abdomen below umbilicus. In some individuals one of the above methods or a combination of methods can reverse them to normal Qi state and it should be repeated several times every day if (-) Qi state re-occurs.

By synthesizing the basic unit of human telomere (TTAGGG) and (CCCTTA), the author, using the BiDigital O-Ring Test Resonance Phenomina, non-invasively measured telomeres of normal lung and colon tissue, small cell carcinoma, adenocarcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma of lung, as well as adenocarcinoma of colon and found that cancer tissues usually have a telomere level up to about 2 times higher than normal tissue, and the higher the malignancy, the higher the telomere atnount. Acupuncture given at St. 36 increased the telomere of normal tissue and reduced the amount of telomere in cancer tissue toward normal value. When telomere reaches a critically low level, the cell can not divide and can result in apoptosis (programmed death). In most of the human body tissue except the brain, heart, testes and ovaries, telomere almost always decreases with advancing age and the minimum amount of telomere found in human is 100ng in an individual over 100 years old, while in the brain, heart, testes and ovaries the telomere amount remained fairly close to that at birth which is usually anywhere between 1500ng – 1800ng, although it slightly decreases with advancement of age. The author succeeded in increasing telomere amount by acupuncture in all normal tissue. In those who have significantly reduced telomere levels in most of the body tissues, it was possible to increase telomere amount anywhere between 60% and 120% and the increase in telomere usually gives some degree of improved general body function.