A TCM approach to bronchial asthma: Study report of initial results

K. Stockert, I. Eichler, H.Nissel, B. Schneider, R. Rath, Frischer
Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Acupuncture, Kaiserin Elisabeth – Spital, Huglgasse 1-3, A-1150 Wien, Austria

The objective of this study was to augment traditional asthma therapy with complementary methods. The study was conducted in cooperation with the pediatric clinic of the University of Vienna.

Primary form of treatment was laser acupuncture (after a TCM diagnosis), but considering the relationship between the lungs and the colon, a colon revitalization or symbiosis support treatment with Symbioflor 1 was carried out as well. The study was conducted in a placebo controlled, randomized double-blinded parallel design. The examinations were conducted by a single-blinded supervisor, using identical methods for both groups.

17 children were included in the study.

After an initial run-in phase, 10 laser treatments or placebo laser treatments were conducted, concurrently with a symbiosis support treatment with Symbioilor 1 (or a placebo). Plethysmographs were conducted after 10 weeks and again after 3 months. The children kept a journal throughout the entire 6-month study, in which peak flow values, medications and symptoms were recorded twice daily.

Results showed a significant improvement of peak flow variability in the experimental group as compared to the control group, as well as a reduction in the number of infections in the 3 winter months November to January. The children in the experimental group also tended to require less beta mimetika.