About Prof. Zbigniew Garnuszewski

Dr. 0. Kossowski – M.D., Ph.D.

Who are we, people, the inhabitants of this small planet called Earth? Are we alone in the boundless Universe? Where did we come from? Where are we going to? What does it mean ‘Time”? What is the Space?

The man has his inside, his personality, his mentality, he has deep values to decorate him – kindness, nobleness, indulgence, which can be enriched by knowledge, experience and wisdom on the path of life.

But the life passes. There remain remembrances after the man dominated by the above mentioned values. Professor Zbigniew Gartluszewski – our father, guardian and master – belongs to those who passed away but their remembrance will remain in our hearts.

He was born in an intellectual family. He started his medical studies before the war at the Jagiellonian University. Before the war he was a known sportsman successful in athletics. During the war he joined the Home Army. He was honoured with many medals for his activities during the war. After the war he founded a hospital in Sycow outside Wroclaw. Then he worked at Clinical Hospital of Phthysiopulmonology in Wroclaw. In 1947 he gained the degree of a Doctor in medicine for his dissertation on the hospital run by brothers of the Order of St. John of God in Wroclaw. His great interest in history started to appear crowned by the foundation of the first Museum of Medicine in Poland.

In March 1998 I took part in the great ceremony of the resumption of Professor Zbigniew Garnuszewski’s Doctor’s thesis otter 50 years which took place in Aula Leopoldina in Wroclaw. It was an unforgettable moment. Unfortunately, suffering could be seen on professor’s face.

The next goal of Professor’s scientific travels are the countries of Far East – China, Korea, Japan connected with his deep interest in acupuncture.

Professor became popular all over the world as a specialist in acupuncture. He was elected to the Board of the World Federation of Acupuncture Societies where he performed the function of acupuncture of Vice President from 1993. He was also a member of the Board of ICMART European Society of Acupuncture.

In 1978 he organised the first dispensary of acupuncture in Poland converted later into Metropolitan Centre of Acupuncture. The Professor was the President of Polish Society of Acupuncture and the “spirit” of this society.

The Professor was stubborn, sometimes tough, but then emanating with the feeling of warmth, kindness, nobleness and friendliness.

Continuing the work of our Master we defended the Metropolitan Speciality Acupuncture created by him and rescued our medicine. We organise training in the field of acupuncture not only in the Centre but also in many other centres all over Poland. We struggle for the acupuncture to be reckoned as a purely medical treatment procedure and looking for the way to find neurophysiological evidence of usefulness of this therapy.

So, we do our best to make the thought of our Master Prof. Zbigniew Garnuszewski shed its light for the activities of his disciples.