Acupuncture allergic rhinitis to prevent asthma bronchiale.

Czech Republic

The subject of communication is an effort to find answers to the questions:
Acupuncture prevents the emergence of allergic asthma, this therapy can be used as preventive therapy for subsequent complications polinosy? There is a difference between the use of whole body acupuncture and auriculoakupunktury in preventing complications?
1. Group of patients:
 Was taken to a group 400 in allergies over two decades. Suffered from seasonal allergies, mostly to pollens of grasses and trees, hay. Included were those that could be monitored at least 10 years.
2. Full body acupuncture:
The treatment of allergic manifestations have been used points: EM 2, LU7, LI 4, LI 11, LI 20th Number of seats: seven frequency 1x per week.
Beginning of therapy was individual depending on how patients come in throughout the year.
3 .Ear acupuncture :
Initially it was used for the treatment of either option A or option B
/ C therapy was selected for the allergy section located in the top of  helix E, the axis 0 degree , In the acute problems. To the point was introduced by a short metal needle for at least 14 days to 4 weeks. Control session was 14 days, as of other problems.
/ therapy at least five sessions, the Assemblies of ear points: 16,13,33,22,55.  According to Konig, Wancury.  Therapy was initiated before the period of difficulties.
4. Combination both techniques:
Over the years, showed the optimum combination of both techniques – whole-body and ear acupuncture – with the onset of therapy before anticipated pre-season difficulties. Manifestations of allergy during the season yet completed therapy by introducing the needle points to perennial allergies in both ears.
5. Evaluation monitored parameters:
When using early initiation of therapy referred to in paragraph 4, the majority of patients during the third year of therapy and 4th, without problems.They didn’ t need visit allergologists and did not take pills. Four season despite continued therapy, only 20% of patients and only 2% of the monitored group has developed seasonal allergic asthma, requiring care in the outpatient clinic of TRN.
6. Conclusion:
Based on own long-term monitoring, the use of acupuncture in the treatment of pollen allergy also recommended to prevent development of complications of this disease very frequent. The prevention of asthma were differences in the effects of whole body and ear acupuncture.