Acupuncture and manual therapy for treating bronchial asthma

V.L. Philippov, Yu.V. Philippova, V.V. Shuvaen
195427, Russia, St-Petersburg, Svetlanovsky pr., 46-l-92

Psychosomatic disorders are caused by neurotic disturbances of generalized nature, by consequences of physical traumatism desorganizing low-differentiated tonic effects, and by some other reasons- This implies the polyetiological causes of the pathology and complication of diagnostic and treating problems.

Forming a strong excitation centre which is characterized by the varying degree of intensity of the excitation zone causes the formation of stable or less stable interoceptive and conditioned reflex bonds. The general biological reactions are the basis of forming systemic levels of regulation which provide the integral functioning of human body. The generalized visceral dysfunctions are caused both by factors of psychogenic nature and by tonic effects resulted from physical traumatism.

The above said allows to form an opinion about locking self-regulated reactions at various levels of the nervous systen which desorganize human body functioning. Acupuncture and manual therapy when used in combination allow to form a highly specialized patterns which provide harmonising the systemic regulation and restoration of psychosomatic health. The paper presents the results of treating 61 diseased persons with infectious – and – allergic bronchial asthma in acute condition, including 36 patients with light course of the disease and 35 patients with the disease of medium severity.

The improvement was noted in 57 patients (93,4%) and manifested itself by ceasing attacks of asphyxia in all the patients with light course of the disease and in 31 patients (88,6X) with the disease of medium severity. The systemic analyzing of the connection of biologically active points of skin with zones of low-differentiated tonic effects is the basis of the complex therapeutic action-