Acupuncture and other alternative therapies in the treatment of Diabetus Mellitus.

Orodan L.M.- MD, Mindrescu D. – MD


Diabetus mellitus is a frequently seen metabolic endocrine disorder.Along with the improvement of living standard,change of life style and aging of population,the sick rate of diabetes shows tendency sharp rise.In TCM diabetes is  called Xiao Ke,Xiao Dan and it takes excessive drinking,eating,frequent urination,emaciation,sweet urine as its main clinical manifestations;It is divided in 2 types 1 and 2.


In LING SHU it says:delicate spleen is liable to give rise to Xiao Dan;TCM considers that pathogenesis of diabetes is  consumption of yin fluid and excess of dry heat;Yin deficiency considered Ben(the root of disease),and excess of dry heat is denoted as Biao(the manifestation of  disease);To adjust the condition of Yin deficiency and Yang excess  with acupuncture and other alternative therapies was taken as criteria.


30 patients with diabetes were taken in the study for more than one year;Particularity of treatment:during study we tried to follow some important steps;

-detoxification and drainage of all toxins especially by using bleeding on 2 acupointsGV14,GV13;

-adminstration of some herbs,gemotherapeutical and homeopathic preparation oral but also on some acupoints.

-acupuncture according  to TCM diagnosis,important in controlling blood glucose level,but also in in preventing complications or treating them;


All the patients succeed to control better their blood glucose level,but they also decrease their need in oral and insulin treatment;


The way of giving education on diabetes by controlling diet,join exercise,losing body weight,but also making acupuncture and moxibustion can control better blood glucose level but especially the complications specific which appear in diabet.