Acupuncture as a means of promoting weight reduction and of giving up smoking

Mastalier Oskar, D.M.D.
Am Schlo?berg 5, D 83080 Oberaudorf , Germany

Strain on the health and health problems caused by obesity, sitomania, nicotine and smoking affect large sections of the population all over the world. Loss of self -control and moderation, stress and psychosomatic situations cause many attempts to fight addiction to fail. Under everyday stress, withdrawal itself and the withdrawal phase are unimaginably, difficult it not impossible to overcome. A high relapse rate is the natural consequence various symptoms, mostly vegetative, are responsible for this.

Auriculotherapy and Auriculomedicine confronts there unwanted sensations with precisely appropriate method, offering highly effective therapy programmes for weight reduction and for nicotine withdrawal. The particular advantages lie in the withdrawal phase without withdrawal symptoms such as vegetative, vitality – reducing or relatively low cost.

The success rate is 70-80%, the relapse rate 20% – with 10% of patients not responding to our stopping treatment. A weight-loss of 2-2,5 kg is targeted in each session and the sessions take place every 1-2 weeks. Weight losses of 10 -30 kg, achieved in a physiologically healthy way, are maintained in the long-term. Smokers of 10 – 20 cigarettes per day withdrew completely from nicotine mostly after one session, heavy smokers ( 20 – 60 cigarettes per day) withdrew in 2 -3 sessions. The treatment is using Ear Acupuncture and mostly also the magnetic field( 4 Hz-Sedation, 25 Hz stabilisation of laterality). Nicotine withdrawal also remained successful over more lengthy test periods.

Appropriate measures were incorporates to prevent unwanted increase after withdrawal from nicotine. The appearance of the Ear – Points will be clear after a one day period of grace.