Acupuncture & electrophotomagnitostimulation in treatment of myopia and hypermetropia

Dr. V. Shakola, Dr. V. Taran
Private Oftalmology Out-patient Division 5 Marin Drinov str. , Varna, Bulgaria

The aim of the study was to reveal the therapeutic effect of noninvasive electrophotomagnitostimulation (E.PH.M.) in combination with acupuncture (A.) on the treatment of mvopia, hypermetropia, complicated hypermetropia. The examination covered 98 pts ( 57 F, 41 M ) , aged from 5-45 years, during the period 1995-6. Applied oftalmologic stimulators were: “PHOSPHEN” of Institute of Filatov (Odessa), “ESO-2” of Institute of neurokibernetics (Rostov on Don) for electrophotostimulation (20 min) & apparatus “H 110” of MEGATEX (Sofia) for magnitostimulation (15 min). After acupressure of points, A. was carried out in the local & local-segmentary points, “regular points” & “extra points” during 10-15 min., following from microacupuncture zones (ear, hand, foot ) . The course included 10 procedures. Visual acuity of diopters were measured. The therapeutic effect on the treatment of myopia was 91.79% (complete healing – 7,46%); hypermetropia 86.66% (complete healing – 46.66%); complicated hypermetropia 91.02% (complete healing – 4,41%. In conclusion E.PH.M. in combination with A. Is high effective, without complications method for treatment of myopia and hypermetropia.