Acupuncture for the treatment of brain infarct

Dr. Irina Kim
Acupuncture Centre, Korsakov, Sacchalin, Russia

Brain infarct, (BI) and its consequence of old people is one of the most severe disorders. The mortality is about. 12-15%. (data of WHO). The main causes of the BI are atherosclerosis, essential and secondary hypertension cardiovascular diseases, vasculitis, blood pathology. More than 80% of such patients have accompanying disorders, such as: coronary disease diabetes mellitus, endocrinopathy. We made analysis effectiveness acupuncture in group of patients who had BI.

METHODS. We were treated 48 patients with a median age of 60 (range 57-70) who had BI 1-5 years ago. The second group included 40 patients, who were treated by medicamental therapy. We used complex treatment: acupuncture, auriculotherapy, cupping massage and moxibustions. The cure included 3 courses (8-10 procedures) with intervals (7 days). At the same time we carried out. treatment of accompanying pathology, correction of immunity system.

RESULTS. 86% of patients had considerable improvement, manifestative in decrease of headache, dizziness, stabilisation of blood pressure, enhancement of movement, increase of immunity. The effectiveness of cure was confirmed by laboratory data, EEG, ECG. 40% of patients return to their professional duty. In control group 60% of patients complained of headache, increase of blood pressure, drug load, long-range improvement. Mortality in the second group in 2 years was 8%.

CONCLUSIOΝS. Acupuncture is safe and effective method to cure consequence of BI. Our treatment as a link of social rehabilitation decrease disablement and mortality, improve prognosis and quality of life.