Acupuncture in MedLine

S. Schunder-Tatzber

A comparison between the years 1991 and 1999

In 1991 we made the first analysis of Analysis of Acupuncture in MedLine. Aim of this follow up was to present the changes in perception on acupuncture in MedLine.

403154 articles were recorded in 1999 ( 370 220 in 1991 ).The percentage of articles dealing with acupuncture is almost the same with 0, 055 % (220/ 206).

The number of journals increased from 85 to 118, and 43 journals printed more than two articles (23 in 1991).

Amazingly is the chance of the origin of articles- Most articles have now its origin in the USA{53), in the UK(28) and only 14 came from China and 10 from Russia- in 1991 most had it s origin in China and Russia.

The shift on the topics worked is amazing too: The interest of the researchers shifted towards pain (31/9), problems of the urogenital system (13/7) and joints (11/5) and adverse effects (15/8). Less articles were recorded on animal experiments (15/33) and cardial problems (2/ 14).

The most important difference is, that MedLine is available on the Word Wide Web now, which improved the availability of these data enormously. The increase of the numbers of journals and the shift on the topics, depict an increase of interest and usage of acupuncture worldwide.