Acupuncture in migraine treatment

Regina Masiliuniene
Tursono 4 3016 Kaunas, Lithuania

Present migraine treatment by medicine is effective enough only during headache attack, but there are no trustworthy medicine for attack prevention. The purpose of this work was to study the efficiency of acupuncture in migraine attack prevention. Due to latter eight years work results of migraine treatment by auricular as well corporal acupuncture it may be stated, that this is an efficient mean in migraine attack prevention and early migraine attack treatment. 42 women 19-41 years old ill with migraine have been treated. 2 courses corporal both auricular acupuncture, consisting 10-12 procedures, with 2-3 weeks intervals have been performed for them.

Traditional Chinese corporal points as well as auricle points were used for treatment. Auricular points were chosen according to pain localization. While choosing points for the exact procedure, the attention has been paid to the fact, if it has been treated either during remission or at the beginning of attack or during attack. During remission corporal acupuncture points GB34, TH5, S36, LI11, back of the head and shoulders area points, auricular points: 34 (head brain cortex), 55 (shen men), 51 (sympathetic system) have been used. For patients with low arterial blood pressure 13 (adrenals) has been used as well with above mentioned auricular points, and with the high pressure – 59 (decreasing blood pressure), 100 (heart), 95 (kidneys) have been used. When there are minimal phenomena of the starting attack, the auricular points have been used according to the complains. While performing procedures during headaches, corporal points GB34 and TH5, or S36 and LI11, also points which are on the head in pain zone and auricular points have been used.

Conclusion: Headaches either disappeared or weakened greatly for 34 women from 42 (81%), and the effect was either a short-term or insufficient in 8 (19%) cases. The data were estimated in 2 years period after treatment.

Summary: Acupuncture have been effective in migraine prevention and early migraine treatment in 34 ( 81%) from 42 women.