Acupuncture in paraplegia

Dr. E. Gadula – M.D.

At the beginning, the author discusses the most frequent causes of paraplegia and basic methods of its treatment. He emphasises that the variety and complicated character of clinical picture demand perfect, interdisciplinary to-operation among the various medical specialists.

In spite of the integration of pharmacological and surgical methods of treatment as well as rehabilitation, this disorder is frequently life threatening. Numerous complications cause not only’ longer and most expensive treatment of patients at the hospital, but also cause worse results of rehabilitation, thus worse quality of life.

Besides the improvement of methods of diagnosis and up to date methods of treatment, according to the author’s opinion, better results of treatment in paraplegia, can be obtained by the introduction of acupuncture, as one of the important methods of modern rehabilitation.

Although the acupuncture is only an additional method of rehabilitation, it has a significantly positive influence on the status and function of circulatory, respiratory, urinary and digestive systems, metabolism, and psychological comfort of life. The acupuncture can bring pain relief and better condition of immune system. In addition, acupuncture is one of the best methods of treatment in spasticity, this disorder is responsible for serious difficulties in care and treatment. Spasticity is responsible for frequent such side effects, like: dysfunction of the circulatory, respiratory, digestive and urinary systems, bed sores. contracures, pathological calcifications, etc.

The authors opinion is based on many years experience in the Department of Paraplegia of the Coal Mine Rehabilitation Center “REPTY” in Tarnowskie Gory ( Poland).