Acupuncture in Slovakia Present and Perspectives

J. Smirala (1), A. Ondrejkovicova (2)

(1)Head Doctor at the Department of Acupuncture and FBLR, Ruzinov Health Care Centre, Bulharska 3, 821 04 Bratislava, Slovakia

(2)Department for chronical pain and acupuncture Policlinics Bezrucoua 5 ,DFNsP Kramare, Bratislaua , Slouakia

The beginnings of acupuncture used in organised health care system in Slovakia date back to the early sixties. Since 1963, professional acupuncturists meet within specialised scientific events, which alternatively take place in the Slovak and the Czech Republics.

19 international conventions, World convention ICMART 1988 and 11 scientific meetings and workshops and meetings were organized so far. In 1973, SFS (Slovak Physiatric Society) Acupuncture Committee was established. It was transformed into SFS Section of Acupuncture in 1980. In 1990, an independent Acupuncture Society was founded, which is the organisational section of the Slovak Medical Society and presently counts over 300 members.

Issuing of Health Ministry methodical directive in 1979 provided the necessary legislature background for acupuncture. Therein, acupuncture has been declared a lege artis method of therapeutic and preventive care. Further, it specified conditions of acupuncture practising. Compliant with this directive acupuncture training programs for professional doctors have been initiated and new specialised departments started their activities. Struggle for obtaining equal rights with other medical disciplines came to a successful end in 1993 in the issuing of “Concept of Independent Medical Superstructure Discipline Acupuncture”. Acupuncture, its modifications and adjunct techniques are therein defined as an integrated diagnostics, prevention, therapeutic and after-care system forming a part of the complex health care system. The issuing of the Concept led to acupuncture being included into new and amended legislation norms, designation of head specialist, as well as regional specialists and the establishment of acupuncture sub-department at SPAM (Slovak Post-gradual Academy of Medicine). The problem of acupuncture being included into the Therapeutic System, the services reimbursement system in practise, as well as the plans and future intentions are being analysed in the authors’ presentation.