Acupuncture myofascial technique to treat pain of muscle injury.

Koosnadi Saputra – MD., PhD.


Acupuncture treatment of pain on muscle injuries refers to insertion of the needle from superficial portion of skin and directly oblique in muscles involving the myofascial meridian tracts.


Acupuncture myofascial technique to treat trigger points in muscle injuries promoting recovery of the function produced permanent therapeutic effect as a temporary pain killer via peripheral mechanism by mobilizing auto regulatory function of the muscle themselves.


  1. Insertion of the needle
  • Locate the point where the patient fells most intense pain on the chief complains.
  • Accurately locate the most painful point (MPP).

Holding the needle

  • Relative long: 2,5 – 6 inch.
  • Should be by tapping tube to stabling the needle in the certain position.
  • The force is applied mainly through the thumb and index finger lightly supports the needle and control by opposite index finger the depth and direction of puncture accurately.
  • Angle of puncture is determining by the distance between MPP and point of centre.
  1. Insert to great a depth for it should be reoriented toward MPP.
  2. Manipulate the needle by shaking 3 – 4 times and lastly withdraw needle completely.


Myofascial technique acupuncture treating muscle injuries and the key to success is accuracy diagnosis the MPP in muscle injury and accuracy insert the needle puncture.


Myofascial technique acupuncture is a simple technique, quick response and obtained excellent results.


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