Acupuncture – with or without chinese philosophy?


In China philosophy and religion are not only a visible or invisible part of culture or even daily life it is mirrow like also a visible or invisible part of medicine depending on the different periods of Chinese history. So called “Chinese Religion” as a syncretism of daoism, confucianism, buddhism, and folk religion is the understanding of life itself. Without its specific cultural surroundings, Chinese Religion has a Non-Chinese neutral essence representing the universal law, which is also the essence of Chinese medicine respectively of Chinese acupuncture proved by everyday medical experience.

In that sense Chinese philosophy means philosophy in general.

Thus the question “Acupuncture – with or without philosophy?” comes into the question “Medicine – with or without philosophy?”

Development of acupuncture in the West and its practice by Non-Chinese medical doctor has in its different forms pointed out into two opposite main streams:

a TCM acupuncture which tries to follow different aspects of Chinese tradition in different understandings of its original philosophical background

a Western medicine adapted acupuncture without any Chinese philosophical background

Both forms of acupuncture are successful in the daily practice.

The model of “quantum philosophy acupuncture” could be a key to answer this topic’s question, which tries to connect Eastern knowledge {philosophy) and Western science (philosophy}.