Adaptation effect of Acupuncture

R. Alexandrova
Dept. Hospital Therapy, Medical University, St.-Petersburg, Russia.

Congenital or acquired non-effectiveness of stress limitative systems is an important condition of dysfunction in organism resistance to some external medium pathogenic factors.

Analysis of 231 bronchial asthma patients treatment and special literature data gives an evidence of as a result training and standardization acupuncture influence upon mainly central (serotoninergic, opioidergic, etc.) and mainly peripheral (antioxydantic, adenosine, etc.) stress limitative systems.

Disease clinical remission or significant improvement after the acupuncture course were accompanied by decreasing of reactive anxiety level (Lusher test, Spilberger-Hanin test), by increasing, of initially reduced T-lymphocyte and IgA blood levels and by decreasing of nonspecific bronchus hyperactivity (inhalational test with acetylcholine; – pW0.05.

By learning the acupuncture treatment results one year after among bronchial asthma patients we have revealed decreasing of meteolability (80% cases), increasing of nonspecific resistivity to acute respiratory diseases (60% cases) and reliable reducing of amount of attack disease in comparison with catamnesis data (pW0.01).

We submit a conception of principle similarity (according to autoregulation type) in rehabilitation mechanisms and treatment results after two such different bronchial asthma treatment methods as acupuncture and barotherapy.