Analysis of data of auricular diagnostic and therapy of 521 patients with various kinds of alopecia

Emil Iliev
Dept of acupuncture, Medical university , Sofia , Bulgaria

During the last 18 months in the Clinic of dermatology and venerology of Medical university – Sofia 521 patients with various types of alopecia were treated. As part of the complex examination all of them have been checked for the sensitivity of various points on the auricle.

Patients have been divided in three groups: 274 patients with alopecia areata, 120 with alopecia androgenica and 131 with male pattern alopecia. Distribution of the painful points in more than 50% of the patients of the particular type of alopecia is as following:

Alopecia areata: shen men, endocrinium, thyroid gland, neurasteny, adrenal, gray substance.

Alopecia androgenica: shen men, urticaria, Kidney, endocrinium, neurasteny, immune system

Male pattern alopecia: shen men, ovary, endocrinium, thyroid, adrenal.

It has been established that in most of the patients there are strictly individual painful points, location and treating of which is extremely important for the effective therapy.

Discussed are good therapeutical results which have been obtained and objectivized with various clinical and laboratory data.