Application of YNSA System to facial paralysis

Yoh Ichimura,T. Katayama., I Katayama., O Fujii., T. Yamamoto.

In clinical dentistry, facial paralysis are sometimes found. YNSA system an oriental medical therapy, was employed to reduce the patients disorder who were diagnosed of left sided peripheral facial paralysis, burden and obtain earlier recovery. The results as follows.

Clinical course and results: New YNSA was performed on eight occassions from the first examination to 15 days later. While the points of Y, eye and mouth were selected, both acupuncture and far infrared therapy were employed for meridian point stimulation. As a result, on the ninth performance of YNSA, the symptoms disappeared and treatment was completed, satisfying the patient.

Discussion: improved symptoms were observed after performing YNSA eight times. During YNSA, the patient felt better and relaxed as characteristically observed during ordinary acupuncture with no specific complaint of pain. Further, the patient did not complain of discomfort during nerve blocking.

Conclusion: The results suggests that application of YNSA is effective for treating cases with facial paralysis.