Atomic physics and neurophysiology

Ulrich Warnke
University of Saarland, Germany

The considered electromagnetic and mechanical neuron activity is up to now in science not sufficient remarked:

a) As long as the resting potential is continued the electrons within the membranes have a potential energy of approx. 70meV. While depolarization this energy is setting free as a coherent radiated electromagnetic oscillation with the quantum energy of 70 meV = 1,7 x 10 Hz. Simultaneously the molecule dipoles fixed in their movement previously through the high electrostatic field of the resting potential of the membrane (up to 10 V/m), suddenly oscillate all together and send in this way coherent electromagnetic oscillations of different frequencies outside and inside the neurite accordingly to them during the depolarization newly preserved freedom degree.

b) By the high electrostatic field force of the resting potentials, a very high compression of the membrane is caused. At depolarization the membrane snaps back elastically in its real expansion (electrostriction). The desultory expansion is starting the mechanical resonance of the membrane elements and send thus out a sound wave. If the sound wave runs through the tissue and the fluids it modulate by the periodic pressure fluctuation the dielectric constant of the medium in the rhythm of the sound frequency. Thereby the membrane is sent out in addition to the coherent electromagnetic oscillation an electromagnetic dispersion wave. The triggered sound wave is directly coupled with the emission of the dispersion wave. Both work in the same tissue and fluid volume and in this way they will amplifying one another as high as the damping admits it.

Through dielectric focusing, e.g. through the walls of bloodvessels this radiation can be focused again. The pass of blood works like an antenna and pull in the electromagnetic field analogous to the warmth, then guided forward the field conductive and connective Proteins have the custom, to change their geometric form, e.g. in that they twist their side chains around an anticipated angle of torsion. This happens likewise as a consequence to specific energy absorption. The electromagnetic radiation of some activated enzymes is fixed in resonance to the microwave area (10/12 – 10/13 Hz.). That is exact the area in which membranes of neurons send out coherent oscillations in the case of depolarization.