Bioenergoinformatic fundamentals of acupuncture

Dr. A. Valevi – M.D. (

On the eve of the XXI century the modern medicine is more and more widening its understanding of energo-informatic nature of diseases.

Modern diagnostic methods of Acupuncture make it possible to estimate the condition of human organism as a whole, and also to influence both any system in it, and the whole organism.

The energo-informational system of the human being is one of the most important in the regulation of its homeostasis. The defect at the level of each individual system and then, the whole organism leads to energo-informational diseases.

Today we are able to understand the reason for the low effectiveness of conventional methods of treatment. Acupuncture of XXI century is being born in our days. Together with the progress in the fundamental and clinical research in the field of acupuncture, modern quantum physics, molecular biology and medicine we may recognise much more deeply the traditional laws and notions of acupuncture.

For example, Prof. Mussat (1998) explains on the basis of Graph No1, representing the initial organization of Universe, a unique distribution pattern of eight terms coded in binary triplet configurations, which obeys specific dynamic laws. These laws allow us to distribute the four basic elements following their atomic structure in the following order: hydrogen (H), carbon (C), nitrogen (N) and oxygen (O), which later, turn into the nuckotides: adenine, guanine, cytosine and thymine – precisely in that order, uracil taking intermediate position.

Thus Prof. Mussat has come to the conclusion that there is an exact model of the formation of protein sequences and consequently there exists the key to genetic bioprogramming.

So, a strictly logical and dynamic approach to molecular genetics is possible. This study explains the usage of bioenergoinformatic laws of acupuncture at the molecular level.

Today we need to correlate the findigs obtained from modern studies with traditional date of acupuncture. When making this correlation we make it possible to show the technics of coding of canonic date and texts.

The living system is determined by it’s information environment: external system -Yang, internal system – Yin.

The environment – Energy is Yang and internal – Matter is Yin. The notion of symmetry and relative polarity is set between them.

The system consists of eight energoinformation parts (trigrams) which have strict placement and are subordinate to an exact logical connection. The acupunctural effect is associated with the proper following of these rules of connection of these parts.

According to the rules given the combination of classical acupuncture with bioresonance therapy allows us to get a much more vivid effect and obtain the stabilization of energoinformatic meanings of acupuncture meridians.

Thus, the combination of modern bioenergoinformatic methods of diagnostics and therapy with traditional acupuncture based on observing its logical laws and considering principles of unity of Man and Universe, allows us to find the only key to the system of energoinformatic regulation of a human being.

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