Biorhythms in acupuncture

Jana Kombercova
Clinic Modrany Soukalova 3355, Prague 4, 14 00, Czech Republic

The majority of acupuncturists is interested in the regularity of interchanges of seasons of year and also in regularity of movements of celestial bodies, namely the Sun and the Moon. It is also known that daily circulation of energy in acupuncture meridians exists. There is also an analogy between twelve two-hours of a day and twelve months of a year. Thus the rotation of Nature and Man, who is but a part of it, runs like a clockwork in a continuous interchange of days seasons of year and periods of life. Any form of this rotational activity of Nature and Man has a wavelike pattern of oscillation between two forms of eternal Nature, where all depend on the relativity of relations.

In acupuncture treatment may be taken into account three kinds (biorhythms) of circulation of energy in meridians: i.e. the daily, monthly, and seasonal rhythm Disruption of daily circulation is of the least relevance, because it influences before all the Fu organs and the malfunctions in this regard have good reversibility. Disorder in the monthly biorhythm signifies problems hidden in the deeper layers of the tissue. Impairment of the seasonal biorhythm has a bearing upon diseases of the Yin or the Zang organs, also referred to as storage organs. Diseases of these organs have the most serious consequences. For all three kinds of biorhythms it is possible to find analogy in astrology, where the daily rhythm corresponds with the ascendant: monthly rhythm is being influenced by lunar phases and individual sings of horoscope. Seasonal biorhythm is then correlation with seasons of the year, as the Sun progresses through individual sings throughout the year respectively.

Application of knowledge of biorhythms contributes to better results of treatment not only in the field of acupuncture, but also in a broader field of complex therapy.