Cessation of smoking with the help of acupuncture

A. Apostolopoulos M.D., M. Karavis M.D.
7 Halkidos str., Anthoupolis, Patra, Greece. Tel:061-427370

In the period between 1993 – 1995, 190 smokers were subjected to acupuncture treatment, after seeking assistance in order to stop smoking. In present study 104 men (54.7%) and 86 women (45.3%) were involved at the age of 19 – 73. Their age was (X ± SD) 40 ± 10.8 years and the average age at which they started smoking was 19.6 ± 4.4 years, while the average consumption was 35.7 ± 15.6 cigarettes a day. The year-packs resulting were 29.8 ± 1 8.8. An 11 – 15 points (Traditional Acupuncture Points and Auricular Points) acupuncture protocol was applied in 1-5 sessions, of twenty minute duration every 2nd – 3rd day.

Additionally, an information brochure about smoking was distributed and there was also psychological support and guidelines for a healthier way of living. 75.8% of the participants acknowledged a good therapeutic result, while 72.9% showed signs of acute deprivation and 53.6% developed aversion symptoms (alteration of taste / olfaction, nausea). 130 participants (68.4%), 76 men (73.1%) and 54 women (62.8%), stopped smoking for at least 1 month. The participants were monitored for a period of 1 year, in order to check whether they would start smoking again (follow up). 61 persons (46.9%) began smoking again, 47 of them within the first three months and 14 later. A prolonged – more than three months cessation of smoking was observed in 83 persons (43.7%), 48 men (46.2%) and 35 women (40.7%).

Persons seeking the help of acupuncture in their effort to stop smoking, will find this method effective. The initial and prolonged (more than three months) cessation period, which was achieved due to the protocol mentioned above, is one of the mentioned in international scientific documentation compared to other acupuncture protocols as well as other methods of medical intervention for the cessation of smoking.