Combination of acupuncture methods and physiotherapy in clinical practice

Alexander Sivakov M.D.
Masherova str., 47/1 – 170.Minsk, Belarus.

One of the ways of the growth of acupuncture effectiveness is the more broad usage of physical factors and optimization of the methods of their application in treatment. The other way, is the working out of new rnethods of curement based on the combination and doubled usage of physical factors with acupuncture methods. The problem of the usage of physical factors to the acupuncture points is connected with the optimization of their effect. It must be solved with the attention to the individual features of organizm, the clinical characteristics of the disease and the peculiarities of physical factors with the optimal parameters of the effects. The usage of the physical factors with the optimal parameters of the effect (frequency, intensity, duration, regime of action), synchronization with cycle parameters of internal organs and functional systems of the organizm offers us to extend the possibilities of modern acupuncture. Our rnorphological and electrophisiological investigations proved the advantageous of combination acupuncture with high electrical field, focus ultrasound, fluctuational current and fixed optimal parameters of this new methods of treatment. Our electrophisiological and clinical investigations proved high therapeutic effect in treatment patients with lumbosacral radiculitis and bronchial asthma.