Combination of applying SU JOK and YUMEIHO therapy

Alfredas Maruska, Onnuri Institute, Vilnius
Onnuri Institute, Kalvariju 121, LT-2042 Vilnius, Lithuania

For treatment of 82 patients with the diseases of the locomotive system of vertebrogenic etiology YUMEIHO therapy was applied (special Eastern massage- manual therapy according to MASAYUKI SAIONJI).

Since the very first day of treatment a diagnosis was established for all patients with the subsequent treatment applying the method of SU JOK (author PARK, JAE WOO, 1987) on the physical level at the different systems of correspondence on hands and feet. Various methods and instruments of SU JOK acupuncture as well as massage of hands and feet were applied.

YUMEIHO therapy continued in parallel.

The given combination of using YUMEIHO and SU JOK therapy allowed the course of treatment to shortened for 2-3 times: from l0-12 (individual observations in l990-1995) to 3 -5 procedures, achieving the disappearance of complaints and the significant improvement 81.25 percent of patients.

The application of YUMEIHO and SU JOK is being discussed with preventive aims in view.

Owing to SU JOK therapy, a prompt regression of pain syndrome and normalization of muscular tones were observed, this encouraging the successful performance of manual therapy.