Complex tinnitus treatment by Acupuncture

Baresova Milada(1) Para Frantisek(2)
(1)Acupuncture Training Centre, Postgraduate Medical School, Ruska 85, 105 00 Prague, Czech Republic (2)Clinic of Neurology, University Hospital, Hradec KraloW

Tinnitus has strong psycho-altering effects and it poorly responses to modern, as well as traditional therapies. Location of the disorder and its etiology, varies – it may be located in the external, middle or inner ear, caused by inflammation, insufficient blood supply, inadequate fluid secretion or resorption, metabolic disorders, by hydropsy of the membraneous labyrinth, toxic damage, or its location can be in auditory pathway, most frequently caused by viral infection or another disease of the nervous system, also it can be evoked by a reflex or associated with general disease.

In my country patients with tinnitus seek acupuncture therapy only after the failure of modern conventional medical treatment as a therapy of the last resort and this accounts for its relatively minor therapeutical effects. According to the theory of Oriental Medicine tinnitus can be caused by the both – internal and external causes and for its therapy are used: Five Shu points + Yuan + Luo to treat deficient or excessive activity of the involved organs, specific points and local points.

Tinnitus as a chronic disease has multifactorial pathogenesis and another factors participate in addition to main etiological factor in the course of the disease e.g.:

1 . the presence of scars, particularly those located in certain areas
2. tone disorders of the muscles round the spinal column, blockades in spinal segments, muscular hypertones particularly in the area of deep muscles of cervical segments
3. fields of disturbance ( Stoerfelder) especially in orofacial region
4. intolerance or allergy on some food components, frequently somehow related to the gall bladder
5. psychical disharmony:

A. involved in the development of the disease
B. reducing tolerance of the disease
C. activating the disturbing effects of the scars
D. influencing the body posture and increasing disorders of the paravertebral muscle tone and spinal blockades

Accompanying figures show some methods of influencing the above mentioned casual factors and the tables show their incidence in a treated group of patients.