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ICMART World Annual Congress

ICMART World Annual Congress takes place every year in different countries. In these World Congresses a General Assembly for all members is included.

The ICMART congress programs have evolved over the years and now function in accordance with the general standards of conventional medicine’s international congresses.  Lectures, which are presented in scientific as well as traditional approaches, have facilitated the expansion of the scope of each congress and significant presentations by internationally recognized lecturers are offered.  In addition, prizes and awards are given and exhibitions are included. 
A nucleus of faithful and regular participants has created increased professional and personal bonds as well as a friendly and collegial atmosphere. This nucleus has been the starting point for the establishment of a network, which has developed into the ‘web inside the web’.


ICMART Annual Awards and Prices

ICMART Science Award in Acupuncture and Related Techniques  
This is the main award of ICMART, which will be presented at each ICMART Symposium. It recognizes an important scientific contribution in the field of Acupuncture and related techniques. Submission requires innovative and excellent scientific projects either in basic research or in clinical research.
Young Scientists Travel Award

Poster Award

Current Members of the Committee

Chair: Dr. Petja Piehler, MD, Austria

Dr. Chin Chan, MD, Australia
Dr. Tomas Dawid, MD, Uruguay
Hedi Luxenburger, MD, Germany
Dr. Chun Lee Oei-Tan, MD, The Netherlands
Dr. Konstantina Theodoratou, MD, Greece
Dr. Marica Yamamura, MD, Brazil 

  • congress@icmart.org

Archive of ICMART Congresses

Archive of past ICMART Congresses