Devices for EHF-Puncture

R.Avagyan*, A.Taube. G.GabrielyN, A.Grabovtchiner**, V.Grafov, M. Teppone
*I.R.E.F. Armenian N. A. S., Ashtarack-2, Armenia, 378410 * *PKP GIT Ent. 14 Krasnokasarmen. St. Moscow 111250 Russia

Extremely High Frequency (EHF) or MM Waves – Therapy, which is based on application of non-thermal electromagnetic radiation (EMR) of millimeter (MM) band, can be divided into three independent branches and every version of EHF-Therapy requires special MM Waves generator. For Microwave Resonance Therapy (MRT) a broad stripe generator – with changeable MM EMR frequency – is necessary.

It also must be able to stimulate sensory reactions on the certain frequency, which is accepted as a “resonance” frequency. For EHF-Puncture generators with coherent or “noise” radiation and with dielectric waveguide usually are applied. Sensory reactions (phenomenon De Qi) must appear during influence upon any selected acupoint. EHF- Therapy without individualisation frequency of MM EMR as well as irradiated zone requires generators with horn antenna and fixed frequency.

On the base of theoretical and experimental researches we have devised and manufactured a new series of devices for EHF/MMW-Puncture “Artsakh”: It consists of a generator unit (avalanche diode is used as an active element for generator in all frequency bands), power supply, control and indication unit. Generator unit is mounted on pantograph by means of which the emission may be led to a selected acupoint or zone on the patient’s body. Modes of operation are following: continuous generation, internal meander amplitude- modulation and external modulation.

Automatic switch off for generator is used when the exposition time is over. “Artsakh-0lm” has two regimes of emission: coherent frequency with f0 ± 4 GHz, where frequency f0, may lie at any point in the range from 25 to l20 GHz, and “noise” with f0 ± 10 GHz. “Artsakh-02m” also has two regimes of generation: “noise” with frequencies from 42 to 95 GHz and combination of coherent emission (frequency 60.0 ± 1 GHz) and “noise”. “Artsakh-03m” has two regimes of generation: “noise” in range of 90.0 – 140.0 GHz and combination “noise” and coherent irradiation (f = 118 ± 1 GHz). “Artsakh-04m” (AMAT-04) is a rnicroprocessor system with the two MM generators.

It ensures two regimes of generation: “noise” with frequencies 42 – 95 and 95 – 140 GHz and combination of coherent emission (frequencies 60.0 and 118.0 GHz) and “noise”. Besides, this device has sensors of pulse and breath frequencies, which give possibility of dynamic checking in the process of treatment. “PAQT-02” (polyfactorial apparatus for quantum therapy) presents itself an instrument with microprocessor system and combines in itself different physical factors: MM Waves, Infrared and Red radiation