Diagnosis of hepatopathy through the macroscopic analysis of the ear assisting in the precocious treatment of chronic hepatitis c.



The Liver point is the main one to treat liver and gall bladder diseases. It refers not only to the treatment but also to the diagnosis.
HVC (hepatitis C virus) is highly prevalent (0.5% – 15%) among blood donors, with a high proportion of chronic evolution (80% of the cases), producing cirrhosis in 20% of infected patients (2 to 40 years).


To demonstrate that the macroscopic examination of the ear is important to help diagnose hepatopathy.


A.F.M., 38, female, diarrhoea, stomach ache, difficult digestion, anxiety, weight gain, fears, headaches, and dryness and bitter-taste in mouth.
Pulse: slow and weak; Tongue: cracked on lateral sides, pallid.
Ear exam: small lump, 5mm, in the concha cymba, in the liver area. Liver pathology was formulated. Medical exams: positive for the hepatitis C virus. Genotype 2b. Liver biopsy was done.
Acupuncture points: S36, SP6, LI3, GB34, LI4, PC6, EXT5, DU20, KI3, KI7. Ear points: Shen Men, Kidney, Liver, Spleen, Large Intestine, Hunger Point, Lung, Occipital, plus Xiao Chai Hu Tang, for one year.
Interferon alpha and Ribavirin was used for three months. PCR was negative.


The macroscopic alteration of the ear was very helpful in the diagnosis of this hepatopathy, (hepatitis C virus), leading to an early treatment and elimination of the virus.


The diagnosis of hepatitis C virus was made due to an alteration in the Liver area of the right ear. The macroscopic analysis of the ear was important to make the diagnosis of liver disease.