Diagnostic and treatment of disturbance fields using Auriculomedicine

Dr. O. Mastalier – M.D.

In addition to clinical and pathophysiological of focal and disturbance field disorders, it is above all cybernetic and energetic disturbances in foci and fields that inhibit the effects of acupuncture. Following a precise anamnesis, specific pre-diagnostic measures aimed at hindrances of diagnosis and therapy must be carried out to remove them.

The method of Auriculomedicine has proved very effective, using this techniques, it is possible to achieve considerable improvement in cases that had previously been therapy-resistant.

Auriculomedicine-diagnosis is howewer, only possible if one has mastered the feeling and perceiving of the different specific changing of the Nogier-pulse reflex. Albeit at first one have patience training and more subjective method, the effectiveness is showing convincing results.

Of course the entire spectrum of conventional and complementary diagnostics is applied as well. Once the foci and disturbance fields have been determined, they must be eliminated prior to beginning the actual therapy, including acupuncture.

The energetic-cybernetic aspects, regulatory disorders and disorientation in the biological, communicative information of the cells and biophotones are, at present, of major interest. Disturbance fields and foci in the region of the head and abdominal zone, dominate. They are major factors in the increase in chronic diseases and pain, as well as in the incidence and resistance to therapy. The basic regulatory system becomes stuffed with or blocked by nonmetabolisable material.

Furthermore, they block or inhibit the functional regulation as the important base of acupuncture treatment and therefore also affect the organism’s self-healing mechanism.

Conventional and complementary methods for the diagnosis and therapy of focal disturbances are discussed. Exercise of taking UAS/RAC pulse reflex. Workshop.

Step by step all the diagnostics techniques and the special Auriculomedicine treatment (needling, Low Level Laser frequential diagnostics and therapy) will be demonstrated and illustrated by overhead foils. Exercises of the participants – lend of instrumental utensils without charge.