Different person’s different blood type produces different frequency.


Abstract Objective:

To study the disease treatment by different blood type patients should select the different frequency.

Key words :

Blood type, Frequency.


Adopting the audio factor, outputting multi-frequency with treatment 30min, 2 times/d in 20 days. Observing histology and the change of clinical symptoms.


The treatment group with a single frequency of the treatment group compared histological disease become light, treatment period condense.


Audio factor can promote shrinkage of the prostate gland, and audio therapy may have a frequency-specific. Audio factor broad-based biological effects, it can prostate the regeneration of peripheral nerves, regulate the metabolism of neurotransmitters and affect electrical activity in nerve.

Past studies have shown that audio factor by the frequency 42.3 GHz, wavelength of 7.1 mm can facilitate the repair of human internal organs. 21. in this study, the audio factors at different frequencies (Millimeter wave) are used to treat human internal organs.

Though histology, cell and nerve electrophysiological studies, observing biological factors of different frequencies to promote repair and characteristics of spinal cord and internal organs.

At present “Hanshen” is the only medical device in the world which can be used successfully for various kind of treatment depending on different persons

Blood types and applying different, specific frequence.

Clinical treatments proved that by using this medical device a significant improvement happen relating disease of varicose veins, femoral head necrosis, diabetes, etc.