EClWO biology and the holomeric structure of life

Vilhelm Schjelderup
Sjcoboden 1 , N-3 l10 Tonsberg, Norway.

ECIWO biology is a new biomedical theory based on the hypothesis that a living organism is a multilevel mosaic of parts, where each part is an ECIWO, having an Embryonic potential and containing information of the Whole Organism. ECIWO) is based on biologic al research in plants, animals and humans. It explains the microsystems of acupuncture, and it has added some new ones, like the 2nd metacarpal system which is highly effective in clinical use. A large clinical material, comprising more than 1 million cases and several large clinical studies, proves the medical efficacy of ECIWO) medicine.

The multilevel structuring of the body in EClWOs serves a pancybernetic function. Affected zones in the different EClWOs are stimulated through the activities of the body and its contact with the surroundings. This serves to strengthen weakened parts of the body through a feedback mechanism, rebuilding the functional and anatomical integrity of the organism.

ECIWO biology is in agreement with the holomeric principle for the relationship between a whole and its parts. This principle was originally developed by Plato in his dialogue “Parmenides”, as a consequence of the hypothesis “what must happen to the things other than one, if one exists?” ECIWO biology thus gives new actuality to fundamental problems in European science and new relevance to the philosophy of Plato.