Effective ear points for neurovegetative equilibrium

Mastalier Oskar D.M.D. (Dr.med.dent.)
Am Schlo?berg 5, D 83080 Oberaudorf, Germany

The current situation is characterized by an increasingly prevalent rejection of chemical medication on the part of patients and hopefull confidence in the help provided by Reflex-and Regulation-Medicine and its indications. The Ear-Reflex-System seems to bee predestined for the achievement of much faster therapeutic results. Practical experience confirms the success of the abundance of possible combinations with Auriculomedicine. The destabilisation of the vegetativum caused by stress and environmental influences as also the energetic decimation of our patients is increasing rapidly. School-children, people in employment and senior citizens are all affected. People suffering from serious chronic pain undergo changes in psyche and personality.

Connections between the psyche, nervous and immune system are an ever more frequent occurrence.

After unsuccessful courses of treatment, patients expect fast help without any side effects from acupuncture as an successful method of regulation in the special form of Auriculomedicine.

The lecture show proven and effective models of Ear Acupuncture for the optimisation of the treatment combating the influence of vegetative false regulations and the treatment of related psychogenic syndroms. All the components can be incorporated holistically in a consistent and optimum manner. Gratifying rising successful results with lasting tendency are the reason of encouraging use in our practice.