Effects of the auricular acupuncture on the mild hypertension

J. Roh, Hyungsup Bae, O.M.D. Ph.p. Choheung Ahn O.M.D. Jinhwan Roh, O.M.D. Sangkwan Moon, O.M.D. Ph.D. , Changnam Ko, O.M.D. Ph.D. Kiho Joh, O.M.D. Ph.D. Youngsuk Kim, O.M.D. Ph.D., Kyungsup Lee, O.M.D. Ph.D.
Dept. of Internal Medicine, Hospital of Oriental Medicine, Kyunghee University, 1 Dongdaemun-gu Hoegi-dong, Seoul, Korea, 130-702

Backgrounds and Purpose

Hypertension is a common origin for the stroke, heart disease, etc. Clinical management is needed to prevent these diseases. It has been said that auricular acupuncture treatment can be used for the control of hypertension. In this study we studied the effects of auricular acupuncture on the mild hypertension.

Materials and Methods

Clinical study was performed on 22 stroke patients who didn’t take the antihypertensive drugs. They were admitted in Kyunghee university, hospital of oriental medicine. We checked patients 24-hours blood pressure by Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor and did auricular acupuncture treatment for one day and rechecked blood pressure for 24-hours. We compared the blood pressure between before and after auricular acupuncture treatment by Wilcoxon test (p <0.05). The acupuncture points were KOHYOLABJUM, NAEBUNBI, SHINMUN, SHIM, KANGABJUM They were all on the auricular.


After auricular acupuncture treatment, systolic and diastolic hypertension decreased significantly (p<0.05).
After auricular acupuncture treatment, heart rates didn’t changed significantly.
After auricular acupuncture treatment, there was no significant difference between male and female on decreased effects of blood pressure.


These results shows that Auricular acupuncture treatment can be used for antihypertensive purpose. This treatment is convenient and doesn’t have significant side effects. About the efficacy and safety, further study is needed.