Electroacupuncture by Voll (EAV) and the syndrome of deposits of immunocomplexes in the locomotoric system

Anna Loskotova – Filipkova, David Pondelicek, Dobroslava Jandova
SALVE centrum, Jiraskova 177/IV, 566 01 Vysoke Myto, CZE

In last two years, particularly in patients after virus diseases, there is a rising number of patients with acute or chronic syndrome of pain in the spinal column and muscles. According to the French authors “Syndrome polyantalgique idiopatique diffuse”.

In all of these forms of disorder we can find a casual link to the occurrence of reduced function of the immunity system and also to the reduced detoxication ability of the organism which is mediated by the liver, spleen and kidneys.

A long-term storage of immunocomplexes (IMC) in tissues has been observed in connection with these disorders, especially in so-called immunologically privileged places with a difficult access for immunocompetent cells, such as vascular walls, binding tissues, musculature of subcutis and synovia of joints.

Electrodiagnostical measurements taken using the Voll method proved, without any doubt, pathological changes in the liver, spleen and kidneys. Moreover, in the case of chronic disorders, pathological changes were detected also in joints and tissues. To a statistically significant degree, the results of EAV measurements corresponded with the results of blood crystallisation analyses, as well as immunological and virological examinations. In particular, the presence of herpetic viri, EB viri, has been proved.

The use of the easily accessible EAV method enabled us not only to prove, objectively and quickly, the causes (origins) of pathological occurrences in the motoric system (hereinafter MS), but also to monitor changes occurring in the course of our research.

Progressive growth of immunity system disorders has led to the development of a new nosological unit, the SY DEPOSIT IMC, in the motoric system.

Best results were noted with the use of a method called Specific Individual Autobiotherapy (SIAB), either in combination with the application of manual lymphatic drainage, or by stimulating the acupressure points in the respective anatomical, localities of the lymphatic system, or in accordance with EAV measurements taken on individual patients.