Electropunctural evaluation of Humans energy condition.


In the Indo-Tibetan and traditional Chinese medicine representations about the Primary Energy, are in detail developed by a being fundamental principle of a life. In an organism this Energy undergoes the certain evolutions as a result of which there are its specific versions necessary for maintenance of all functional variety of ability to live. Accordingly, in holystic to medicine the prime diagnostic step defining tactics of treatment is the estimation of the power status of an organism In modern conditions authors suggest to solve this problem means electropunctural diagnostics.

Researches (Niboyet, J.E.H. 1964, Voll R.1977, Grauberger W. 1990. ????????? ?.?., ????????? ?.?. 1984, ???????? ?.?., ???????? ?.?.1988, ????????? ?.?., ??????? ?.?. 2001,, are known., etc.) specifying existence of close functional interrelation between power and vegetative processes. Topographical correlations between localization of the energetic and vegetative centers are revealed also. According to the authors, the revealed laws allow to assume an opportunity to estimate a power condition Chakrs, antero -and posterio-median channels and the channel of a threefold heater (three San-Jiao), being guided by characteristics of a condition of the vegetative structures, measured during electropunctural diagnostics. Results of measurements are displayed in the absolute figures interpreted on the accepted standard scale of measurements, norm subdivided into ranges, redundancy and insufficiency. Within the limits of ranges of redundancy and insufficiency expressivenesses of power dysfunction informing also about a degree and about pathomorphological characteristics of a fabric condition of corresponding structures are allocated sub-range.

Variants of diagnostics with use of two acupunctural microsystems, which points with the corresponding structures located at 7 levels are offered:

1) the Express train-diagnostics is spent on 28 points minisystems Korean traditional manus-acupunctural. Data of measurements display a condition of corresponding structures in anterio – and posterio-sagital projections separately for each level.

2) Developed diagnostics is spent on 42-nd points microsystems Su-Jok acupunctur. Data of measurements display a condition of corresponding structures as in anterio- and posterio-sagital projections and separately for each level.

Both microsystems with precise anatomic orientation of topography of points are located on brushes that is rather convenient in the practical plan. In each concrete case the choice of a variant of diagnostics is defined by reasons of reasonable sufficiency. As much as possible full data within the limits of resolving opportunities of a technique gives resultant the analysis which is based on given two variants of diagnostics.

For hardware maintenance of process of diagnostics any known complexes supporting accepted in electropuncture the standard of measurements are suitable. In the research and creation of a technique authors used a computer complex «Biotron-Intron-10» in which opportunities of input are stipulated, the analysis and archiving the received given measurements, and also delivery of the form the test-report with interpretation and a graphic illustration of results in paper, or the electronic form.

In opinion of authors the given technique will allow to enter sufficient definiteness in judgements about the energetic status of the patient and dynamics of its change during any medical manipulations. That presumes to define quickly effective ways, methods and concrete medicines in construction of the plan of optimum therapy.

The created technique of inspection is evident, clear, portable for reception integration estimations of a condition of the patient that does its convenient for application in any area of medicine. Inspection of one patient borrows 5 minutes, and can be executed treating ?????? directly during reception of the patient.

To positive properties of an offered technique also, it is possible to carry simplicity and speed of training, – approximately 2 hours of the theory and experts for persons unfamiliar with acupunctural whereas acupuncture doctors can practice it  without additional training.